Akron Homeless Are Featured In Cleveland.com Article

We are going to figure out a way for the homeless in Akron to have more options and dignity in how they choose to live.
Having to move in the middle of the winter sucks. Even in the best of conditions winter moving is the worst. Now try doing it with no money and being a person that no one wants around.
So this story is a good reminder that we non-homeless view our homeless neighbors as second class citizens. I find that especially ironic as we just all celebrated Christmas, a holiday that is meant to remind us that a force of tremendous love was put on this earth to be a guide of hope, faith and love.
2000 years later and it is is like we never even heard of a person named Jesus and what he tried to teach us.
Jennifer Conn from Cleveland.com came to The Second Chance Store to do a story on how the homeless are being kicked out of their camp.
Please take a moment to read this story. As you sit in your home or office reading it, remember that there are hundreds of people right outside your door that not only don’t have a place to call their own, no one wants them  around.
We will solve this!

Summit Metro Parks gives notice to Akron’s homeless to clear way for Freedom Trail construction

Thank you Jennifer Conn (@JenniferConn9) | Twitter for doing this story. It’s stories like these that are a tremendous help for the homeless in our community.
And thank you Paul and Paul for having the courage to do this story. I know that taking a stand on this issue makes you a lightening rod for people that either don’t support your cause or want to see you as an instigator.  You remind me of Luke Skywalker in Star Wars (or Jyn Erso in the newest Star Wars movie, Rogue One). You are taking a stand not because it benefits you. But because it’s the right thing to do!
Keep up the great work guys.

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