The Homeless Choose To Be Homeless

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People don’t admit that statement to me anymore. It’s probably because they don’t want to be insensitive. Or maybe they’re afraid they’ll get an earful of what I believe. People rarely express their feelings about panhandling to me anymore where it was once a common area of frustration I heard about. But I see it […]

The Volunteer Conundrum

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On 3 different occasions I’ve had volunteers from the outside become quite upset with our facility. I just took a call from a great volunteer that was upset because people didn’t greet her warmly yesterday. She said it felt “dead” at our facility. This article has sensitive, internal working’s information in it. I’m making it […]

Send Your Homeless To Akron

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I was reading about an idea someone had on Reddit: A way to help the homeless more effectively : nonprofit He writes: So. My idea. What if there were a network of small towns around the US where the economy is working and housing is cheap? Towns like the one I grew up in. And […]

HELP! My Daughter is Homeless.

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When I was a kid there were these hushed conversations about Cousin Darrel. “I hear he’s living in the woods.” “I hear he drinks all day every day.” It was clearly considered more of a shame put on the family than it was a concern for Cousin Darrel. I would suspect this is how many […]

Homelessness in New York City

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My kid, Indy, and I just spent the weekend in New York City. We both love it there. I was curious about the homeless situation in New York. So I stopped to talk to two homeless people while we were there. It has been reported that¬†homelessness in New York City has reached the highest levels […]

A Thief. A Dealer. A Beggar.

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While it doesn’t illicit death threats like our tent city, Second Chance Village, panhandling is, by far, the most controversial activity I promote. You can find all kinds of articles and videos these days “exposing” panhandlers: Stop AKRON Panhandlers¬†– This person just runs around photographing and videoing panhandlers in Akron that he believes are scammers. […]