Welcome to LERRYN’s CLOSET.

Lerryn Campbell runs a supply closet for homeless people out of 15 Broad Street in Akron Ohio. 

She has collected all sorts of wonderful things. Snacks. Blankets. Masks. Tents. Survival products. All kinds of things. 

The way it works is a homeless person comes to Lerryn and tells her what they need. She then goes in and gets it for them. 

Her needs change depending on what season it is and what she is running low on. As much as we are eternally grateful for your donated items, PLEASE check with Lerryn before bringing items down. She has very limited room and can get over run quite quickly by all your awesomeness. 

You can email her to ask what she needs at any given time: camplm@aol.com

Thank you Lerryn for all you do. Your presence in my life makes me strive to be a better person.

And thank all of YOU for being so wonderful and generous. Nothing is possible without you.