What You Should Know About Community Support Services (CSS) Akron

I just got back from a tour of Community Support Services here in Akron.
Let me make this disclaimer: I’m not a reporter. I’m not a fact checker. And I am writing this all from memory. So if I make any mistakes please forgive me and CSS: just feel free to send me any corrections.
Here’s what I know: It all starts with mental health. Their services then radiate from that point.
“Last year, Community Support Services provided life changing services to more than 3,100 individuals in Summit County living with mental illnesses.”
 They offer:
  • Case management
  • Supported employment
  • Supported housing
  • counseling
  • Behavioral healthcare

Just to name a few things.
If you are in need of mental health services, no matter the income level, CSS is a place you want to go.
My area of interest was what they are doing in the area of homelessness.
They’ve got a new homeless day facility. It will have showers and washers and dryers and a sitting area. That should be open early Spring of this year.
I also got a tour of these amazing apartments they’ve build to help the chronically homeless and veterans.
CSS is truly an amazing operation. Akron is incredibly lucky to have them.

An easy thing you could do to support them would be be follow them on Facebook. You can do that here:

Community Support Services

An important part of The Homeless Charity is to support the homeless services in the area. We are pretty good at public relations and marketing. So if we can share that ability with these other service providers we will happily do it.
Here are some more links of CSS that you might find interesting:

We are incredibly lucky to have CSS in Akron. Thank you for all the hard work you people do!

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