Art Installation by Chubs

A “house-free” (as he prefers to be referred to) friend of ours, Chubs, has created this art display of a basic tent a house-free person might live in. This will be on display in our Tent Village Memorial and Community Garden.

Notice the bar of soap on the bent ladle. The bucket is for water to use to clean dishes and yourself. The blue wash rag on the post behind the bucket was found from the woods. He will be adding a found towel on the tall pole. Everything is authentic just as a house-free person might come by it. 

There is a tombstone on the left that reads “RIP Tent City. Thanks Uncle Sam.”

The wash rag and future towel will be nailed to their posts so that they can’t be used by an actual house-free person.

The bucket for water is empty.

He has intentionally left any covering off of the tent so that no house-free person can actually use this art as it is completely illegal to shelter human beings on your own private land.

(This is truly a profound work of art.)