Akron Beacon Journal Front Page Coverage

All I can say is: I was BLOWN away by the extensive coverage Akron Beacon Journal gave to us this past week.
They spent hours and hours and days and days with us to understand who we are and what we are trying to accomplish.
I often hear people say the news only talks about negative things. This is an example where the opposite is true.
Writer, Doug Livingston, and photographer, Phil Masturzo, are the creators of this extensive series. It included 4 front page stories, several videos and countless photos.
And then the editorial board followed up with a piece as well.
I wanted to put all the articles in one place so they are easily accessed.
I also wanted to show some images of the newspaper coverage.
We are so truly grateful for your effort here. The homeless situation is only going to get worse in America as the middle class continues to disappear. We all must think creatively and innovatively on how to manage our increasing homelessness.
Here are the links:
Vagrants are gathering in Middlebury to solve homelessness
Where do Akron’s homeless live? Learn all about Second Chance Village, Akron’s new tent city
Former Kentucky resident finds herself homeless, pregnant in AkronAkron’s homeless build new lives at Second Chance Village
Photos: The Homeless Charity
Photos: Tent city here to stay
How to help Second Chance Village
How to help Second Chance Village
For now, Akron’s largest and unlawful tent city is here to stay
Skribblez the clown panhandles his way to home ownership
Words of panhandling wisdom by Skribblez the Clown
Beacon Journal editorial board: Homeless address homelessness

They also did some videos:
Second Chance Village

A beacon of hope for once homeless mother

And here are pictures of the newspapers:

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