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Have you ever gotten a Candygram before?

A friend of yours would order a Candygram for you. They would choose a little treat. And then they would attach a note to the treat.

We thought it might be a good time to try a Houseless Candygram. We’re calling it Storygram.

This is how it will work…

We’ll give you a couple ideas of what to write. You can type it in or upload an image of something you wrote or drew by hand. You then will pick what kind of item you’d like to attach to your Storygram. Like a drink or a candybar or something like that.

You don’t have to write anything long or involved. It can be whatever you feel like saying.

We will then print out the messages, purchase the item and then deliver them to our houseless friends.

We thought this might be fun for all ages. You could have your kids make a Storygram. Or you could make one yourself.

This isn’t a fundraiser. The cost of each Storygram is $2.50. That will cover printing and the item we purchase.

If you are interested in doing this just click here to get started.

Letting us all know that we are thinking of each other is incredibly powerful. Take care.

Click Here To Order Your Storygram

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