Support Us Through Buying Our Products

100% of all proceeds go directly to The Homeless Charity – a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

We help the homeless get into housing, learn skills, get a shower, wash their clothes and get drug and alcohol support if they want it. We are meeting the homeless where they are at today to help them to get where they want to go tomorrow.

Together Black T

This is our signature t-shirt. Great for a man or a woman. The secret to success is moving forward together.
Together Black Hoodie

Our Together icon also looks great on this zipper hoodie. It includes the icon on the front and the back. You’ll be able to see both sides when you click the link below.
Together Mug

Don’t lose sight of the goal: We are all in this together. Get the Together Mug to show your support for the homeless of America. The icon is on both sides of the mug.
The Homeless Charity is a new organization looking to come at homelessness in a totally new way.
We believe that the homeless are valuable, important citizens in our communities. We just have to meet them where they are and not where we think they should be.
By purchasing our items you are helping support:
  • The Second Chance Store – It is totally run by the homeless. 100% of the money made in that store goes to the homeless running it.
  • The Second Chance Clothes Closet – The homeless run a clothes closet to give clothes to those in need.
  • The Second Chance Training Center – We teach homeless skills like woodworking, bead making, sewing and others and then sell their services and products through The Second Chance Store. 50% of that revenue goes back into the trainining center and 50% goes to the person who made the item.
  • We also have a shower and laundry service that the homeless can use any time they’d like.
We can’t thank you enough for your support.