People Don’t Want To Be Warehoused

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I’m not sure if America lacks vision in this or we are simply stuck in our ways. But we seem to have one answer for the throwaway people in America: Warehouse them! I’m pretty sure this says it all: US: 2,193,798 prisoners CHINA: 1,548,498 prisoners RUSSIA: 874,161 prisoners The United States has 5% of the […]

Help Bill With His Van So He Can Help Others

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Today is Good Friday. Happy Good Friday!!!! Are you looking for an inspirational story of giving this Good Friday? Take a listen to Bill’s story here. I recently learned that Jesus had benefactors to help him with his mission. YOU could be Bill’s benefactor today on Good Friday. Learn more here:  

The Case For NOT Advocating Housing First

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I’ve always believed in the housing first principle. If you aren’t familiar, it’s the idea that you get the homeless a home first and then work on addiction, mental health and so forth. This makes a lot of sense. Just ask Maslow: Physiological, the foundation level, includes: Air Water Food Clothing Shelter It makes a […]