A Thief. A Dealer. A Beggar.

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While it doesn’t illicit death threats like our tent city, Second Chance Village, panhandling is, by far, the most controversial activity I promote. You can find all kinds of articles and videos these days “exposing” panhandlers: Stop AKRON Panhandlers – This person just runs around photographing and videoing panhandlers in Akron that he believes are scammers. […]

Stealing From Jesus

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In many ways we are creating a brand new society in our facility. We are literally pulling people out of the woods and integrating them into a community. It’s fascinating. These are hunters and gatherers. They went out everyday looking for items to stay alive. Begging for money. Waiting on line for meals. Waiting in […]

I’m Sorry

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I’ve spent my entire life trying to make people happy. I’m a proverbial “people pleaser.” As other people pleasers can testify, it’s never enough. Sooner or later you mess up and let someone down. That’s what this story is about. Last week was busy. We sent a person to rehab. We are moving the Second […]

The Hatred Of The Homeless

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I was at a community meeting last night run by a local church. The minister is incredibly supportive of our work with the homeless. So much so that he often delivers leftover food to us from his events. The meeting was wrapping up. As I was walking out I overhead an older lady complaining to […]

Trying to get Gary into rehab

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One of the things that is becoming a big part of our lives here at The Homeless Charity is helping people get off alcohol and drugs. We consistently now sending people to rehab facilities. Here’s a story of Gary who we are now trying to get into a facility: