Homeless Leadership

The motto at The Homeless Charity Middlebury Center is to “Do one thing every day.”

We all seek purpose and direction in our lives and the homeless have a lot to offer the greater community. We encourage them to give back and find purpose each day. Our volunteers are some of the most hard working, innovative and compassionate people we know. We are proud of each and every one of our volunteers for making a difference in each other’s lives and the lives of the greater Middlebury community.


Paul Hays, Director of Facilities

Paul runs The Second Chance Store and coordinates the volunteers at our facility. Paul runs the ship. He’s also active in community networking and is a Board member. Paul has gotten an apartment with the charity’s assistance, but spends most nights at the facility by choice. Paul was homeless for 7 years. Learn more about Paul’s story here.




Brandon, Head of Security

Brandon came to us during a transition from homelessness to a potential home in Florida. He was looking for work for a bus ticket. Brandon built our fence, fixed our roof, organized our back yard and began helping us with on-site security and enforcement of our facilities code of conduct. Brandon serves as our liaison to police, fire and first responders who come to help, check in and work with the people at our facility.  He has since chosen to stay with our facility to do, “work that matters.”



“Little” Paul, Clothing Store  / Community Room Director

Paul and Paul started the Second Chance Store together, soon built our computer lab and then invited others in to share in the community. Therefore, one Paul became “little” to avoid confusion. But little in stature is not little in spirit! Paul is essential in managing our large clothing store where homeless and low income families can come shop for free clothes, coats, socks, shoes, blankets and linens. He also manages our popular community room with computer lab, couches and TV area.


Jim, Maintenance Director

Our resident handy man extraordinaire and veteran, we turn to Jim when things need fixed. He and Brandon are a great security team as well. Jim handles our plumbing, door installation, roofing and so much more.  He keeps the facility literally running.