How To Help The Akron Homeless

Do you want to help the homeless of Akron but you don’t know how exactly?

This is the most direct, most powerful way you can help. Simply donate by clicking here.

But if you want to help more then we’ve got you covered in that area too.

Download this pdf:

Print it off and put it up around town.

  • Leave it in coffee shops
  • Staple it to a phone pole
  • Put it in book stores
  • Pass it out to friends
  • Pin it to bulletin boards at work

You doing this would be SO powerful. 

The #1 thing people tell me is that they don’t know what to do to help. Putting up these flyers is a GREAT way to help.

Another REALLY powerful way to help the homeless in your city is to share this page.

  • Share this page on Facebook
  • Share this page on Twitter
  • Put a link to this page on your blog or company website.

You are more than welcome to use any of our logos or videos or images. But please give us a link back. That’s the best way you can help the homeless.

Here are some logos you can use:

Click here to learn How To Help The Homeless In YOUR City