Become a patron in July and get this sweet homeless-made t-shirt

Become a patron of The Homeless Charity at the Gold Member Level or above level and get this homeless-made t-shirt.

In July all Gold Members and above get this homeless-made silk screened t-shirt for being a member.

We are very focused on helping homeless people find a path forward that excites them and plays to their strengths.

One such focus is screen printing.

We have found that one person in particular is really thriving doing this work.

Kenny Boldt loves doing this work. Here is a picture of him doing this screen printing:

The t-shirt we are offering this month is, by far, our most desired t-shirt. People come up to me on the street and ask me where I got it. You are going to love having this t-shirt.

Everyone who is a Gold Member or above on August 1, when your donation will be processed, will get this t-shirt. We will send an email asking for the size and where you’d like it sent

Just sign up now, you won’t be charged until August 1, and this t-shirt is yours.

Part of the proceeds will go to the homeless people making the shirts and the rest will go to the charity. 100% of your money goes to helping the homeless. All administrative people at the charity are volunteers.

We are committed to doing homeless work that other agencies simply can’t. We are always looking at lowering barriers of access. We help people get identification. We provide food and clothes and computers and internet access. And we are continually looking at new ways to inspire this under served segment of our population. Screen printing is just one of the multiple ways we do this. We also have a homeless-run store and are experimenting with bicycle repair, welding, candle making and other entrepreneurial ideas.

Your patronage makes all of this possible. We get no government funding. Every dime we get is through private supporters like you.

If you are already a patron of ours, THANK YOU! You too will get this t-shirt if you are a gold member or above.

If you have been thinking about becoming a patron this is a great time to do it.

Not only will you get occasional incentives like this t-shirt but you also get exclusive content such as the Sage Against The Machine Podcast.