Help! We’ve lost everything.

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I have been given this unique position to see people becoming homeless. I get emails every day from all over the country crying for help. Moms, dads, kids, pets. All being pushed out onto the street. While the underlying factors of these stories are complicated, the actual cause is simple. Money. They ran out of […]

Don’t Enable ‘Em

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Sitting behind me in that photo is Sitting Bull. He is one of the icons in history that helps guide my actions. He prophesied the annihilation of Custer’s battalion at the Battle of the Little Bighorn. The secret to his prophecy was that he was able to unite tribes that never were able to see […]

Always Take Sides

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There is a guy that comes by dressed in slacks and a tucked in button down. He drives a tan sedan. If ever there was a more stereotypical looking city “authority” I haven’t seen it. He never talks to us. He just stands outside taking pictures. He likes to come on trash day. We have […]

Breaking Up Homeless Camps Increases Crime

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I was asked to speak on a panel last night for the group: Big Love Network. They are hosting a series called: “Love on Akron.” The topic of discussion was: “Design of Displacement.” We talked about the effect of people being displaced in Akron, America and the world. My line of thinking is always with […]