A Safe Space to Just Be

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The Homeless Charity community is coming together June 13th to collectively create an outdoor space just to serve the homeless. We always talk about where the homeless will safely sleep. But have you ever wondered… what do the homeless do all day? Shelters close, churches serve meals and then close. This leaves the homeless to gather in doorways, loiter near closed shelters, seek refuge at the library, panhandle on sidewalks and freeway ramps and gravitate sheepishly towards parks in and around Akron.

The Homeless Charity Day Center is one of the only sanctioned and welcoming places for homeless to gather. But the homeless don’t want to be indoors on a gorgeous day any more than we do! So they stand outside our day center leaning against the building or waiting for a seat amongst one of our 4 chairs or 4 benches.

That’s when it dawned on me. These people deserve an outdoor space to call their own that matches the indoor space they call their own. And the homeless are survivors. They will use a safe outdoor space all year long just as they use our safe indoor space.

No. They won’t be allowed to pitch a tent, it’s true. But no one will shoo them away from a comfortable bench in a beautiful setting. No one will deny them the right to eat under our pavilion or sit near out outdoor heaters. Everyone deserves nature. Everyone deserves a safe place to just exist.

Come talk with me about our new park. I’ll be at Hi Ho Brewery in Cuyahoga Falls from 5 to 8 PM. Enjoy food, grab a diet coke with me, and let’s make the old site of tent city a sacred haven for the homeless.

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