STOP Akron Homeless Eradication Day on May 6, 2019

The City of Akron is orchestrating a systematic attack on all major homeless camps May 6, 2o19. (the day before election day, no less)

They have placed their ominous yellow camp closure signs at 4 major homeless camps that I have personally witnessed. There could be more that I’m not aware of.

This is a deliberate act of aggression on a large swath of homeless residents of Akron. This is an organized offensive to hit all major homeless camps simultaneously. It’s like they are storming an enemy from all sides to flank them in some sort of military-style raid.

What do you call a government act that forcibly and systematically removes a single group of people from society?

These are not illegal aliens. These are not criminals. All these American citizens did was have the bad fortune of running out of money and any kind of support system.

These are veterans, pregnant women, senior citizens, couples, people with pets, people in wheelchairs. These are good people that fell on hard times because Akron has the second largest concentration of poverty in the ENTIRE country.

When your government removes you from society simply because they don’t like the look of you we are witnessing a frightening form of authoritarianism.

We cannot simply look the other way as our government eradicates human beings from its society. This kind of totalitarian aggressive power should be frightening and ominous to any rational human being.

We must stop the city of Akron from enacting this sweeping form of aggression on the poorest of the poor of our community.

We must demand our government officials STOP Akron Homeless Eradication Day on May 6, 2019

You can email all Akron city council members and the mayor by filling out this single form:

Fill out my online form.


One thought on “STOP Akron Homeless Eradication Day on May 6, 2019

  1. There’s alot of buildings around why can’t they have a building for the homeless people this makes me sad 😢 to see what they are going through

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