Destiny Got Her Forever Home

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Today happens to be my birthday. This is the best possible birthday present Destiny could ever get for me.


And it is awesome.
She has a brand new refrigerator, stove and carpet.
It’s a beautiful open floor plan with 2 bedrooms.
This is incredible news because she is due to have her son in November.
Destiny lost her mom several years ago. It threw her life into a tailspin. She’s been homeless for about 3 years.
But she is homeless no more.
I don’t think I’ve ever seen her this happy.
What is important about all of this is: she could not have gotten into her apartment had it not been for you.
Something I’ve learned working with people here at The Homeless Charity is that any debts you owe a utility company must be completely paid off if you ever want to have utilities again.
I once worked with a person who had a $3000 debt with the gas company. She will never be able to get gas turned on in her name again simply because it is highly unlikely she’ll ever be able to pay off that debt.
Destiny owed $218 to the electric company.
The ONLY way she was able to move into this apartment was because we paid her past electric bill. We also paid her $25 deposit.
All that money comes from you.
We get no government money or anything like that. We are entirely funded by private donors like you.
Destiny is our first resident to get housed in our required push to house the current 43 people living in tents in our tent community.
We’ve housed many people since we’ve started.
But if we don’t house these 43 people they are going to be forced to leave their community and be pushed back onto the street.
So… 1 down and 42 to go.
If you’d like to help donate to this critical time in the history of The Homeless Charity please CLICK HERE.
Because we are entirely privately funded by people like you we are able to act faster and pay for things other agencies simply are not legally able to pay for.
For example, most agencies funded by the government are not able to pay for down payments. If the person can’t come up with the deposit they will miss out on getting housed and be moved to the bottom of the list. They have to start the entire process over again.
All money donated to the homeless charity go to the homeless. No money pays for staff or salaries.
If you are interested, I’ve put some more pictures of Destiny and her apartment in the member’s only site. You can click here to see them. Membership costs as little as $1/month.

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  1. CSS will only take clients to Core Furniture, and Goodwill they will not pay for things like Electric, Heat and water bills past and present. Sage Ill bring some HEAP forms down make sure she applies for HEAP

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