Jobs For The Homeless Now until the Middle of September


I’ve been approached by an outside organization that wants to get its issue on the upcoming November election.
They want to hire homeless people (and anyone else that needs income) to collect signatures.
Let me make this qualification: According to this article  “A 501(c)(3) may work for or against ballot questions up to normal lobbying limits.” 
We are not trying to raise money for this initiative. And we aren’t paying people for this initiative. That said, if anyone with more experience than me thinks we, as a nonprofit, shouldn’t be promoting this work, please let me know:
But get this!!! This group is paying $2 PER VALIDATED SIGNATURE!!
This is a great way for anyone who is interested to make some quick and easy cash.
I’m thrilled they came to us to offer this work to the homeless of Akron.
We need over 4000 signatures. So, there is plenty of work for anyone that wants it. They actually probably are going to need over 6000 signatures because it is very common for signatures to not validate.
If you know of a homeless person, a low income person, or really anyone that wants to make some quick cash have them come down to 15 Broad Street in Akron and get instructions, signature petitions and voter registration cards. Just come down the right side of the building and ask for them. Someone there will help you get them.
ANYONE CAN DO THIS WORK. You have to be over 18, though.
People doing the work don’t have to live in Akron. But the people signing the petitions must live in Akron.

One thought on “Jobs For The Homeless Now until the Middle of September

  1. I was ask to sign a petition yesterday …but you have to have a valid voters ID for OHIO …I am registered in Florida …but due to my VA status …I can vote in every State …they would not take my information

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