Franklin Prieto III February 18, 1980 – July 14, 2018

We are having a fundraiser to help create a park and garden for the homeless where they created their tent community. We would love for you to join us. 

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We lost a village member this week: Franklin Prieto III.
He was found by Sully in his tent having a seizure. We called 911 immediately. He passed away at the hospital.
I know Franklin’s birth date because I’m looking at his birth certificate right now.
Last week he and I ordered his birth certificate. It came in the mail Monday. We were supposed to get his ID this week.
Franklin was quiet but extremely helpful. He and Sully and I would load up my truck about 3 times a week to take trash to our dumpster up the street.
He was Sully’s right hand man in the yard helping put up tents for new residents.
He was such a kind and warm person. I can’t say enough good about him.
Here is a picture of a prayer circle the villagers held for Franklin:

Franklin’s family has come by to collect his things. They said they might be able to shuttle some people to the funeral when that happens.
It’s sad that we lost Franklin. But I’m so thankful he was here and not on the street. He truly was loved and respected here.
Being loved and respected is about all you can hope to ask for in life.

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