Sage Is Stealing Money From The Charity


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There is this beautiful person, Simone Giertz, on YouTube. She builds robots.
She is fun, smart and, above all, a great role model for girls thinking about getting into science and technology.
Yesterday she posted this video:
“I have a brain tumor.”

She has just discovered that she has a brain tumor.
This was a big story on Reddit yesterday. Click here to read that thread.
The outpouring of support was, and still is, amazing. Everyone is wishing her the best and letting her know how important she has been to them.
But one person disagreed. He wrote:

Thinking and she’s annoying as fuck, that her “robot” act is fucking stupid and pointless and thinking that it’d be great if it finally ended isn’t “trolling”. It’s just having an opinion and hoping for an end to her idiocy.

and then he wrote:

Maybe, making retarded videos gives you brain cancer.

and then he wrote:

Why? You want more of her awful videos and shitty, unfunny nonsense shitting up the internet more? Good riddance, retard robot queen.

This is his profile:
At the very best he’s doing it to get a response. At the very worst he’s a sociopathic killer. It doesn’t matter what the motivation. It’s pure evil.
It’s the same with every single school shooting. Of all the people on planet earth to kill, these people choose children. It’s pure evil.
It is all just destruction for destruction sake. Evil is real. And while it is a tiny cancer of hate, it makes big waves.
You have enough negativity and hate and destruction in your lives. It’s called the “news”. It’s the mouth piece for evil.
I try to focus on love and hope. Which truly are the largest, strongest forces in the world.
That said, it won’t stop evil from causing destruction and trying to kill anything good it can find.
I bring this up because rumors are yet again flying around Second Chance Village. This time they are coming from within the organization.
Before I get to today’s rumor, let me remind you of the untruths of the previous rumors.

  • No. I’m not a drug dealer.
  • No. I’m most definitely not the largest ice drug dealer in Akron.
  • No. We don’t run a prostitution ring out of our backyard.
  • No. We don’t sell drugs out of our backyard.

I’m sure there are others. But I’m not going to spend time remembering them right now.
Today’s rumor is: I’m funneling all the money from the charity and putting it in overseas bank accounts.
First of all, like my supposed ice making career, I have no earthly idea how to send money overseas. I’ve never had any interest in learning how to hide money. One of the reasons I got into working with the homeless is my incredible lack of interest in money in general. I’m not a great business person. I’m just OK. And that has everything to do with my lackadaisical interest in money.
Second of all, this is a brand new charity. What kind of money do you think we are bringing into this organization? Last year we made: $24,431.71. This year so far we’ve made: $17,094.66.
Here are our bare bones expenses for 2018:
Staff Salary $0
Utilities $18,000
Rent $11,000
Labor $0
Supplies $8,000
Advertising $3,000
Total Expenses $40,000
Do you know who makes up that difference of income and expense? My family. Specifically, my wife. She is running our main business, SageRock, all on her own as I try to get the charity to a break even point.
So, I guess in the mind of the rumor spreaders I’m somehow skimming money off the top of the organization illegally and then paying the charity to survive. It’s the most ridiculous, convoluted system I could possibly imagine.
If an actual person that knew what they were talking about was truly skimming money off a charity they’d just pay themselves a bigger and bigger salary. There is no need to illegally steal money from a charity. Just pay a salary.
We have no paid people at this point. I work full time at the charity for free. Actually, less than free considering we are in the hole every month in expenses.
And that’s what evil is: stupid, unthoughtful and just straight out hateful. Evil will do anything and say anything to destroy anything.
To the people that are spreading these rumors (they are definitely reading this). Good job! You had a great effect.
People are now telling me that we should fix the charity’s van that needs a transmission and ball joints with all the money we’re hoarding.
I’ll probably need to sell the van now.
That van has been used for many months to take villagers to doctors appointments, mental health appointments and housing appointments.
So, congratulations on that impact you had.
The reason I am going to need to sell the van is because you’ve also angered our largest donor. So, they are stepping back on paying our utilities and our insurance for the charity. (Oh. You didn’t know that our water bill is $600 – $800 per month and we have to have special insurance because we have a tent city in our backyard?)
This donor is angry because people inside the very organization they are helping fund are ungrateful. Most people are not altruistic. Most people would at least like a “thank you.”
Evil doesn’t care.
Just kill and destroy and ravage. That’s the plan. That’s what evil brings to the conversation.
This is, of course, the story of history.
Jesus on the cross. Martin Luther King Jr. shot in the face. Socrates who was sentenced to death by drinking hemlock for “corrupting the youth of Athens and introducing strange gods.”
But of course, the killers, the evil, never wins.
This is just a minor setback for us at Second Chance Village. We will use this time to get stronger.
I will be posting ALL our finances online (probably on our member’s only site.)
We will be shoring up our finances in a variety of ways. We will likely need to get more structured about our cash donations that come into the organization through the store and other ways.
“That which does not kill us makes us stronger.”
And the mystical side of me says: This is why God put me here.
I’ve dealt with mutinies before. I know how to handle them. This does little more than make me mildly irritated. I’ve lost way more sleep over way bigger problems than this.
To evil I say this: You will never win. You will never succeed. You bring nothing to the planet except disease and pestilence. There is nothing you can do to win this. Malign me. Hate me. Kill me. You will only make me stronger.

The best way you can support the work we do at The Homeless Charity is by becoming a Patron for as little as $1/month. It shows the government people care about the homeless and it helps us manage our budget a lot easier. Please click here: Become a Patron!

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  1. Sage don’t listen to who ever is saying this! You keep doing good and take care of Second Chance people and your family!

  2. I am homeless trying to find hoouseing i am a senior having leg pain everyday just want a place in a out homeless 6 time from 2004 to 2018 rent problen with it too high live in charlott for 61 year. Body sick and tried need help to find low income basic rent now before i get too sick liveing on them street help this old lady

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