Come Support Second Chance Village April 9 at City Council at 7pm

We are having a fundraiser to help create a park and garden for the homeless where they created their tent community. We would love for you to join us. 

Click here to learn more and register. 


WHEN: APRIL 09, 2018 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Akron City Council meets in Council Chambers on the 3rd floor of the Municipal Building, 166 South High Street, Akron 44308. The public is invited to speak to Council at the end of every meeting during a public comment period. Speaking is limited to 3 minutes per citizen and to matters within Council’s authority.
Second Chance Village is entering its do or die phase of existence.
We are being required to submit a Conditional Use Application for the city.
The city has told us to submit our application as a “Conditional Campground.”
Several people have told me on the side that they think it’s a trap. That the city will never allow a campground within city limits. And that’s why they are having us submit it as such.
I refuse to descend into a conspiratorial mindset. Suspicious thinking never leads anywhere good.
So I come to this process full of hope and belief that the city of Akron cares about all of its citizens and wants no one to be left languishing in the gutters and under the bridges.
Ultimately, City Council will decide our fate.
To begin this process we are all going to attend the Monday, April 9 City Council Meeting. We would love for you to come join us in support at this meeting.
If you would like, you will be able to speak for 3 minutes. But otherwise, just attending will show city council that the community cares about its homeless and we can do better than what we’re currently doing.
I’d recommend getting there at 6:30.
You are welcome to speak from your heart.
But I’ll offer this suggestion if you’d like any tips:
This movement has been so successful because of you and your support of this cause.
We have intentionally tried to be warm and inviting to the entire community. We have created a movement based on faith, love and hope.
There is always a place and time for agitation and tension. But personally I feel we aren’t there yet.
The homeless of Second Chance Village have created something beautiful for themselves. They have asked nothing of the city or the government. All they have asked is to have the opportunity to quietly live and build something for themselves.
So, telling stories of the great people you’ve met and the experiences you have had would be great.
We need to give City Council the benefit of the doubt. To do the right thing.
We definitely have some great supporters on City Council. We want to inspire the others to allow us to continue our work.
We want to share the amazing community the homeless have all shown us here at Second Chance. We want the entire Akron community to join us in working together as one.
That’s the message I’ll be sharing on Monday night.
I truly hope to see you there.

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