Akron Community Foundation Gives Us Our First Official Grant

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It is said that it often takes 3 years to get your first grant as a startup non-profit.
So the fact that we were able to get a grant in the first year of operation is thrilling for us.
It also tells us that the community realizes there is an urgent need to help the homeless of Akron in a way that is currently not being addressed.
This grant is from The Sanatorium Contingent Fund of Akron Community Foundation.
It is for supporting recovering opiate users experiencing homelessness.
This is a critical need in our area as Ohio is the leader in opiate use nationwide. People are dying at staggering rates from these drugs. Homeless are even more vulnerable because they often have very little support living in the woods and the streets.
We are SO grateful for the Akron Community Foundation putting their trust in us. You can learn more about them here: Akron Community Foundation.
We are going to be providing some new and innovative strategies in trying to reach these people and help them release themselves from these savage drugs. We will be chronicling our progress in this area on our blog here. So be sure to check back or sign up for our newsletter found in the sidebar of our website.
We are immensely thankful for this grant. It is going to help us be an even more powerful force in the homeless community.

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