Dear Akron Beacon Journal Readers…

If you’ve found us because of the coverage from the Akron Beacon Journal, thank you SO much for taking the time to learn about us further.
We are a quickly evolving and growing organization. So there are many things I want you to know about us.
But if I only had a few sentences to explain to you what I feel makes us so special and unique in America, this is what I would say to you…
First, the reason I am so unabashedly proud and impressed with our organization is because I have so little to do with it. We are 100% run by the homeless. Our director, Paul Hays, comes to us after spending years in the woods. Our security, operations, maintenance and Democratically elected tri-council are all homeless.
I’m the executive director. But when it comes to the operations of the facility my voice has no special weight. I just share my opinion like everyone else.
Second, we are secular. Many of us have a spiritual relationship. But it is for each of us to pursue on our own. Many people have talked to me about the time they spent alone in their tent talking to God. I truly feel like our center is one of the most sacred and spiritual places I’ve ever been. While we love and greatly appreciate our religious partners we are not founded in religion. We are founded in loving fellow humans. I personally believe it’s as close to Jesus as I’ve ever been.
Finally, our mission is two fold. The obvious mission is to help the homeless take the next step in their lives. But the less obvious mission, yet equally as important, is to begin to build a connection to the homeless and the homed. We love having visitors. You are always welcome to come visit us.
If you’d like a tour message me at or call me at 330-416-7519. Otherwise, you are welcome to come visit us between 9-5 Monday through Saturday and 12-5 on Sunday.
We have the Second Chance Store that is totally run and operated by the homeless.
We are just now getting connected to the Food Bank. So our homeless residents will begin distributing food to the needy in our community.
We are growing some beautiful tomatoes and peppers in our raised bed gardens.
And we’re furiously working on our emergency shelter for the winter.
We’d also love to show you around Second Chance Village. The people that live there are incredibly proud of what they have created and the community they are developing.
If you’ve never spent much time with the homeless you might find it exciting, interesting and even fun. I can assure you that you’ll be safe and you’ll definitely be welcome. Your whole family is welcome. We love to have kids visit us.
If you aren’t quite ready to come visit us then we’d like to invite you to our private members-only portal. You get the inside scoop of what it happening with us. The good and the bad. It only costs $1. CLICK HERE TO CHECK THAT OUT.
Thank you once again. You believing in the idea that the homeless deserve attention and help makes a much bigger difference than you might think. Public support of our cause is going to be a major part of whether or not we will continue to exist for the long term.
That’s why we ask for just $1. It doesn’t hurt to give us $1. But as the numbers grow we can show the city of Akron that people care about the homeless and want something to be done about the homeless cause. CLICK HERE TO CHECK THAT OUT.
Doing nothing for the homeless is dragging our entire community down. You just believing in our cause will help us allow the homeless to help themselves to figure out the next step in their lives.

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