Meet Our Life Saving Heroes: Steve, Jon and Ronnie

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Steve, Jon and Ronnie are directly responsible for saving the life of one of our residents from an overdose last week.
Because this is a sensitive topic, I’m going to save the details of the encounter for the members only content area.
But let me just say this: I know you all don’t think you did much. I know you don’t think you are heroes.
You saved that man’s life.
I truly believe our community made it possible for you to see something that was wrong and act on it immediately.
Thank you!
I go into the details of what exactly happened and who Steve, Jon and Ronnie are in the members only area.
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One thought on “Meet Our Life Saving Heroes: Steve, Jon and Ronnie

  1. I have been helping my family with everything. Now is has put me in a bad spot. I am homeless. I actually could maintain a home. But I need help to get into a home. I am looking for one time help. Just to get into a home. I will even down the road pay back. Please can you help me or tell me who can? I don’t want this published but I would love to hear from someone. Thank you and God Bless

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