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Our Resident Jim Is June's Porta Potty Sponsor


Jim is a veteran.
He’s also a plumber, electrician, handyman and all around great guy.
He’s one of the few people at our facility that gets some sort of income. It’s not much. But it’s some.
He will often make donations to us for supplies and materials needed for repairs.
This month he decided to donate $100 to keep our Porta Potty up and running.
This Porta Potty was one of the features I didn’t really expect to need. But it has become critical for our residents and other homeless in the area.
So many places keep their restrooms locked. So there is no place to go.
This is the third months we’ve had our Porta Potty going.
The past sponsors have been:
ScanWorks, LLC and Deb Monaco – Our May 2017 Porta Potty Sponsor
American Mobile Ads and Bill Wise – Our First Porta Potty Sponsor 

How to Become A Sponsor

If you’d like to get some truly memorable marketing please become a sponsor of our porta-potty. It’s only $95/month.
Not only is this for a super important and good cause, we are a 501(c)3. So you are donating to a charity and it’s a write-off (I’m not an accountant so I don’t know what those words actually mean. But call YOUR accountant. They’ll give you the real scoop.)


Click here to donate 1 month of Porta-Potty Naming rights for $95
Click here to donate 3 months of Porta-Potty Naming rights for $285
Click here to donate 6 months of Porta-Potty Naming rights for $570
You can also call me, Sage, at: 330-416-7519 or email me at:

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