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American Mobile Ads and Bill Wise – Our First Porta Potty Sponsor

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This, believe it or not, has been a dream of mine for a long time.
There is not a more basic need. There is not a more basic form of human dignity than having a place to go to the bathroom.
Our outdoors has had several buckets that men and women have been using. No privacy. No toilet paper. Just buckets in a yard.
Today that problem has been solved thanks to Bill Wise and American Mobile Ads.
They are our first official sponsor for The Homeless Charity Porta Potty.
Bill Wise is an all around really great guy. He’s a great believer and supporter of American democracy.

I first met Bill when I tried to run for mayor of Akron. He is an amazing wealth of information in the political process. I’ve always been very thankful for the help he gave me.
And his company, American Mobile Ads, is known nationwide for their mobile advertising capabilities. If you need a mobile ad then you need to call American Mobile Ads.
You can learn more about their services by going here: American Mobile Ads.
Or give them a call or email at:

Supporting people and companies who are doing great work in the world is how we can all help make the world a better place.
Thank you SO SO much Bill and American Mobile Ads. Giving the homeless a place to go to the bathroom in dignity is an amazingly powerful gift.
Thank you again!
I’m very excited to say that we already have our May sponsor of the porta potty lined up. But if you would like to sponsor the porta potty in coming months please learn more by going here: Get Naming Rights To Our Port-a-Potty – The Homeless Charity.
You will get a lot of good press while helping people in a really powerful way. (as a marketer I will make sure the world knows about the good work you are doing)
Thank you again again!

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