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I’ll keep this short and sweet here on the blog.
Our city has a desperate need to help homeless come up with a deposit and first month rent. They have the home. They just need this money to get into the home. No money. No home.


The best way you can support the work we do at The Homeless Charity is by becoming a Patron for as little as $1/month. It shows the government people care about the homeless and it helps us manage our budget a lot easier. Please click here: Become a Patron!


  1. My name is William Bailey currently homeless and living in Los Angeles Ca. Needing housing only having general relief. I’ve been a CNA/Caregiver for 35 years and finding a live-in job is almost Impossible being that the government created IHSS. 80% of RN, LVN, CMTs. CNAs have lost or deserving jobs to people trying todo the same jobs we were trained to do. Please help.
    William Bailey
    1 (818) 448-5718

    1. Hi William,
      I’m really sorry to hear about your situation. I truly wish I could get help for you. Right now we are just a small operation in Akron Ohio. I will look for some homeless contacts in LA and pass your information to them. Hang in there, man. Take care. We are thinking of you here in Akron.

      1. Hello I’m 18 homeless I live in the dayton Ohio area . I’m trying to get on my feet it’s just hard doing it alone please help me

        1. I’m a homeless mom of 4 boys. I have noone. I’m so alone and don’t know which way to turn. My car blew up lost my job resulted in losing my home. I’ve been struggling to find a place to stay everyday. I can’t find anybody to watch my 1 year old. Can’t afford daycare. I have major issues with my back and my knees. I hurt everyday. I’ve worked 25 years and I’m finally wore out. I need a cheap camper for us to not have to worry where we’ll lay our heads. It’s not easy staying with people bc of course my baby cries bc that’s his way of talking. A camper would solve all my problems. Thanks for reading. A prayer would also be appreciated

          1. My name is April i am a single mom with 2cjildren. 1of them is disabled.. We are gonna be homeless as of evicted because the coporate office didnt want to except my rent cause i was late but instead filed a eviction again. Theres more to this hearr breaking story.. Can u please help us

        2. Hi, I’m a mom of 3 children one who is still home. Well, to make it short I left a abusive husband who left me with nothing and now I barely is making been homeless for 8 months now I have a small apartment that I’m grateful for I have nothing but airmattress and nothing else but this is hard for me to do I’m going into a deep depression cause he lives in my home and has everything thing I own but I guess it will be better soon just had too let someone who may know how to deal with this asap help please

      2. I am a 39f living in Illinois. My ex (39m) has terrorized my life for the last year. Lost our house leaving us homeless, was extremely abusive the whole 6 years we were together but got way worse after he lost our house, caused me to lose my job, stole the money I got from my 401k, then had me put in jail for hitting him with my van which i didn’t do and also told them I dropped our 3 year old daughter off on the side of the highway and left her, also didn’t do and would never. I sat in jail for 3 days not knowing what was going to happen. The police told me I was being charged with felony domestic battery. I was terrified I had never been in jail in my life nor had I ever abused anyone. I was worried about my kids. I have 5 total, 4 before I got with him that I raised by myself then our 3 daughter together that was 3 at the time. I was mostly worried about my 3 year old because my other kids are teens and adults and my 3 year old had never been away from me for longer than one night. I had no way to get ahold of anyone because I didnt know any numbers without having my phone. It was terrifying. Then on the fourth day they did a 4 hour investigation and came back and dropped all charges. They said the investigation proved there was no way I could have hit him with my van and had talked to witnesses who said they seen me hand my daughter to him and never seen me hit him with anything. I was so relieved but I knew I was done done with him. He had already cost me my house, my job, my money, now almost my freedom and my child. Not to mention several times I thought for sure he was going to cost me my life. He used to choke me til I would pass out and then come to not knowing where I was. Somedays I couldn’t eat cause my throat was so sore that drinking water hurt. He had also stabbed me and a few times acted like he was going to drown me. Once he headbutted me so hard that two weeks later I got two black eyes. But usually it was choking he went to and it was horrible. He did this in front of our daughter often towards the end and she told me she wished she was a super hero so she could make her daddy stop cause she loved me and didnt want me to die. He had our child due to me being in jail and would not let me see her or get her because I no longer wanted to be with him. I went to the house where he was staying. He called the police. I told them he is not on the birth certificate nor had he signed paternity papers (he wasnt there when she was born and didnt want to sign the papers after cause he didnt want to have to pay child support in case we broke up) so in the state of Illinois he has no rights to her at all. They told me I did not either and they would have dcfs take her into foster care if i would not let her stay with him. I was shocked. I left her there. I missed her birthday that we had a party planned and presents bought for. He did allow me 2 times to have her but after 2 days each time he came and got her while i was at work and then wouldnt let me have her again for weeks in between. He harrassed me and my family everyday with constant calls and texts. I figured he would get over the break up and stop and I didnt want to get a order of protection myself cause i didn’t want to keep my daughter from her father and didn’t want to go through all of that. The last time i got her she clung to me crying for hours telling me how much she missed me. I knew then that I had to get an OP. He came and got her while i was at work and my oldest daughter said she screamed and cried and said she wanted to stay with her mommy and he told her she would never see her mommy again. He went and got an order of protection against me using the me hitting him with my van for reason even though that had been dropped. When the court date came i was ready for war. He called me and said he wasn’t going to go to court that he wanted to handle things civily that she missed me and he didnt want her to be without her family. I figured since he didn’t get the result he wanted he had given up. So I didnt go. I was super excited that I was finally going to be able to see her again. He lied, went to court and because I didn’t he got a permanent OP. He took pictures of it and sent them to me. To say I was crushed doesn’t cover it. My heart broke, I broke. I literally couldn’t hear people talking. My kids are my world and she is the baby, me and my other kids have spoiled her since she was born. She was always with me went everywhere with me and he didn’t even like having her while I worked. He has 2 other kids that he doesnt ever see or pay for and has a history of abuse and OPs from exes. He never participated in anything with her, didnt buy her Christmas presents or birthday presents didnt even care to watch her open them. Didn’t go with us to the park or zoo. He did nothing with her period. And now I have to go get assessed for being a domestic abuser and have been found negligent. He is telling people he had to take her cause I was being neglectful and was doing drugs and prostitution. All of which are absurd and most people know that thank goodness. He’s acting like some kind of saint that saved her when in fact he’s damaging her by doing this and doesn’t even care. I havent seen my daughter in 5 months. I have missed her bday, her first day of school, halloween, Christmas. His family has told me themselves that she has changed from a sweet, fun, polite, full of life child to a quiet, depressed, sad, mean child. He has told her that I don’t love her and don’t want her anymore and that’s why I don’t come see her or get her. When they told me that I knew I had to let her know I love her whether he killed me or I went to jail she had to know I didn’t leave her by choice. I went to tell her and of course went to jail for violating the OP my car got impounded also and i couldnt afford to get it out so I lost it. I also didnt get to see her cause she wasn’t there. Then he went and said I violated it another time which I had a warrant for but a friend had her friend, a lawyer, get that turned into a court date but he doesn’t do family law so he cant help me get her. And the DCFS stuff that was supposed to be dropped from when I went to jail the first time wasn’t but they never talked to me or my kids just to him and found me negligent. I appealed but the letter came to the address I was using and no-one was home and the post office wouldnt let me have it with no ID which he stole. My life in the last year has completely changed in such a drastic way. I’m still amazed that anyone could be capable of crushing me this bad. I have a place to stay now so thats good but the depression sometimes immobilizes me. I’ve never dealt with anything like this I have always worked, was always happy, raised my kids myself, owned 3 houses, always had a car. Now I lay in bed for days at a time crying nothing makes me happy all my memories on facebook are of her, anything that happens reminds me of her. I just want my daughter back i miss her and she misses me. I have emailed and called all kinds of organizations but I just keep hitting walls. I cant use legal aid cause he is. Catholic charites had their legal department call me but they can’t take it due to the order of protection which he shouldn’t even have cause he has no legal rights to her but here I am not knowing where my baby is or if she is even ok. I just want her back and want her to know I love her and didnt leave her. I have no idea what to do and time is passing by so fast. If it wasn’t for her and my other kids I probably would have given up all the way already. I don’t feel I have the strength anymore to keep fighting but I have no choice. It’s like I’m still being abused by him and like he did kill me in every way that matters. I’m a shell of the person I was before, going through the motions, when I have enough strength to even do that. Update 2 months later: had to leave the house we were staying at so now we are bouncing around. My oldest son 19 got himself into a bunch of legal trouble hanging out with the wrong people, so now I’m trying to keep him from spending half his life in prison. Still getting nowhere on seeing my youngest. I did buy a car though but can’t afford the plates and registration. Found a house but need $2000 to get it and can’t make the money til I get the car going. I need so much it’s overwhelming. The plates for the car which are $200, a house, three lawyers, money for phone calls, past due bills, a cell phone, a laptop, business attire for work… Ugghhh but if I can get the truck going I can make the rest.

        1. I am praying. Let go of yesterday. Out all your Trust in Jesus. Lay it at his feet. He is with you and knows the lies and Injustices that have been done to you. God helps those whom help themselves. Move forward never looking back. Focus on your relationship with the Lord. Meet with him constantly. Lift your hands to him. He always Provides for what we need. Gratefulness and thankfulness to Him for what you do have. Life, breath, and a Strong Working Brain. The Battle is God’s not Ours. Blessings, Denise

  2. My wife and i have been homeless since february after a slew of unfortunate circumstances. We live in Bridgeton nj, Cumberland County. Can anyone please help us? I would be more than happy to pay any help we get back.

    1. Hi Carl,
      I’m so sorry to hear about your situation. As it stands right now we are just a small operation in Akron Ohio. but I will look for some contacts in Bridgeton and see what I can find. Hang in there and stay strong. We are thinking of you here in Akron. Take care.

      1. My Name is Q, Walker I’m 24 years old. Mother of 3 kids ages 4,1, and 1 day old. I have been homeless now going on 2 years living with friends and family. I do work a job also have a car. I haven’t been able to get my own home due to evictions on my credit. I was approved for a place but I would need to pay double and first month rent which is 1,500. At this moment I’m on maternity leave from my job which isn’t paid so I can’t afford to pay it at the moment. I know to keep faith, but it’s so hard not being able to provide my kids with their own room. I cry every time my 4 year old say “mommy I want to go home”. I reside in Jacksonville Florida. Again anything will help. Thank you guys for allowing me to share my story.

    2. Hi again, Carl. Have you talked to any of these people:
      Salvation Army – Human Services Emergency Financial Assistance
      Vineland, NJ 08360
      11.69 miles from city center Bridgeton
      Food Pantry for Community Emergency Financial Assistance
      Cumberland Family Shelter
      Vineland, NJ 08361
      16.88 miles from city center Bridgeton
      We serve single women, single men, women with children and entire families. Staffed 24 hours per day 7 days per week – screenings are necessary before acceptance
      Peoples Place Ruth N. Dorsey Relief Shelter
      Dover, DE 19904
      24.08 miles from city center Bridgeton
      (302) 734-0319
      Whatcoat Social Services (Whatcoat) provide case management services, transitional housing, and shelter for low-income individuals and families. Enrollment is open to anyone, but priority is given to homeless individuals and families, victims of domestic violence and those formerly in foster care.
      Dover Interfaith Mission for Housing
      Dover, DE 19901
      24.79 miles from city center Bridgeton
      The Dover Interfaith Mission for Housing (DIMH) is a non profit corporation of local individuals, faith communities, and organizations dedicated to providing shelter and services to homeless men.

    3. My family is about to have nowhere to go. We have an rv but no where to park it. I have 2 boys and I am scared that we are going to lose them.
      Taylor tx

  3. my phone will only send and receave text. please help with housing. I just need 2 weeks to help me gain my hospital job I have put in for. Please help!

  4. My Name is Kaitlynn Alexander. My husband and I have been homeless for a couple months now. After several unfortunate events I had to give custody of my children to their father so that they would have a place to sleep. My husband are happy to work for room and pay back any help received. We have no family and we are in Pryor, Oklahoma. Please if anyone can help call us at 918-803-7487

    1. Hi Kaitlynn,
      I’m so sorry to hear about your situation. As it stands right now we are only located in Akron Ohio. But we are planning to expand as soon as we can.
      Have you tried this folks:
      The Sanctuary House for Women
      Salina, OK 74365
      9.73 miles from city center Pryor
      This a homeless shelter for Women – was known and Community Outreach Center.
      Hope House of Cherokee
      Tahlequah, OK 74465
      31.47 miles from city center Pryor
      Emergency temporary housing for families.
      They may be able to get in the right direction.
      Thank you for writing. Please know that we are thinking of you here in Akron. Please take care.

  5. Hello,
    I want to thank you for having this website. I understand what it’s like to find yourself in a situation where you have nowhere to go. I am a 35yo disabled mother of 3 desperately trying to get out of a mentally and verbally abusive relationship and I have 3rd nowhere to go. I became disabled 2 year’s ago. I know u are in Akron and I am in Cincinnati but was hoping for as miracle somehow through contacts and networking. We are from Florida and have no family here. I am looking into shelters but worry because I know most make u leave during day and I don’t know where I would go during the day as I can’t sit or stand for very long and have to lay down a lot due to permanent sciatic nerve damage it causes extreme pain in my legs. If you can help my children and I find a safe home for my children and I it would mean so much. Thank u for your time.

    1. Hi Alexandria,
      I’m so sorry to hear about your situation. Have you tried the Homeless Coalition: VISIT OUR OFFICE: 117 E. 12TH STREET CINCINNATI, OHIO 45202
      (P) 513.421.7803 (F) 513.421.7813.
      I’ll reach out to them and see if they can respond here.
      Stay strong. We are all thinking of you!

  6. I’m steve I’m from cameroun after many arrests I decided to leave my contrain and childrens to find help I don’t know anyone here please I need some home couple weeks

  7. I came across your article when using my phone to try and research help for my own problems. I am a 49 year old man living with multiple sclerosis. About two months ago I left a home with two roommates who were very abusive. I was able to find a small apartment and kept it for almost two months until a flare with my MS caused me to fall behind on the rent and lose it. Now I am on the street. Aside from my illness, I am now also at risk of losing the freelance writing clients I have worked for six years to obtain. I’ve sold what meager possessions I have just to eat. This is the trap of homelessness. I can’t understand how someone with a job can be left homeless.

    1. Thank you for writing!
      Homelessness defies all logic. There are many people who have done all the right things and still find themselves homeless. We’re thinking about you here at The Homeless Charity. Stay strong. These situations are often temporary.
      If there is something we can do to help please let us know.
      Take care,

  8. Hello Sage,
    I found your website by accident. I am a 56 year old woman. After two failed marriages and Dom Abuse I tried hard and am working hard to get back to being productive. I was given shelter in the home of a friend, but after almost 6 years he no longer wants me in the home, he says he feels married and he can not do what he wants while I am in the home. I guess since I sleep in the same bed it does make it hard. I am again Homeless and I am needing a place to call HOME, I can only afford $100 to $200 a month for rent. I am willing to help out I can do chores and housekeeping and cooking if need be. I need to stay close to my job since I have no transportation. If you can help that would be great if not I thank you in advance for all you do here.

  9. Hello,i never in my life imagined me/my life to happen that it has!!! This is very hard for me to say and ask,im gonna give it my best shot!! I am a 47yr divorced,single mom that raised 2 of the most wonderful sons!They were/are what gave life!! I worked in the health profession up until 2011,i started my boys in wrestling wen they turned 4yrs and they made it in almost every sport, gd grades,honor roll,homecoming kings,prom kings,state all 4yrs high school wrestling,first in conference,played basketballmadison square garden,wisconson state badgers,they set us up in tundra hotel my son recieved an award from Lambou field,they graduated,started off together at Oshkosh college!!! until my younger son who was 19 1/2yrs came home early to surprise his girlfriend to only come home to a real bad heartbreak!! Taylor ended up shooting himself in the head bcuz he could not bare the pain! my oldest son/taylors brother Chaz found him just 2 minutes too late! It has been hell,im mentally ill and homeless with a gerrman rottwieller ,somebody please help me???? I’m so scared and alone,i need help,please

    1. Hi Janice,
      I’m so so sorry. That is a heart wrenching story.
      When we had our son they told us that we all have a path we think life is going to go. But very often it goes in a completely different direction. The key is to live into that direction. Your direction is so excruciating.
      But you sound strong. You can make it.
      Have you started calling the shelters in your area? Mental health is often a condition that helps move you to the front of the line for many services. A shelter might be able to guide you in a direction to go.
      Even as a person working in this industry, I find it very difficult to know who to talk to. But the key is to just keep calling. Call and call and call. You’ll get little clues as where to go with each call.
      If there is something we can do please let me know.
      Take care,

  10. I feel these stories on this page are so valuable. But they are only about half of the stories I receive. I’m going to start posting other stories I get via email anonymously.
    Good afternoon sir, My name is R. I’m a married mother of 5 who have recently become homeless. I am currently battling with my landlords company and have acquired the assistance of a pro bono lawyer as I have recently filed for a chapter 7. My wife is currently working an I am looking for futher employment as well as applying for any Veteran benefits I may be owed. I’m not seeking long term help and have already applied for the Hud/vash voucher. I have 3 daughters and 2 young sons and am constantly worried about them so i have no yet made it to a shelter. We are temporarily at my mother inlaws home and its an extreme strain as no money is being saved. She feels intitled due to the help so its hard to keep anything to the side. I strongly believe that I can provide for my family and my issue with my landlord will be resolved at some point. I feel a bit embarrassed but can no longer allow my pride to stand in the way of seeking help.

  11. Here’s another anonymous email I just got:
    Hello Sage,
    This is the most embarrassing thing that I have ever had to do. I am looking for help to find a home for my children and myself. I recently lost my place to live when my room mate attacked me. I am to scared to go back to that house, I ended up with a sprained neck, shoulder, scratches, bruises and a huge bump on my head. I don’t know what else to do. I have been staying with a friend, but she can only have company for two weeks. I have no family here and both my kids have asthma and food allergies. Is there anything you can do to help me please?
    Sincerely S.

  12. Here’s an anonymous plea for help I just got…
    My name is S (she’s a female). I am 24 years old. I was just recently kicked out of a family member’s house, on the spot, with nowhere to go. Living out of a duffle bag bouncing from friends couches I have a job that I do not want to loose and trying to find places to stay I’m emailing you to only get some help if you could I’d be extremely grateful.
    Thank you

  13. Hello, I am fairly new to the Tampa and area and am seeking help for myself and my 22 year old son. We are both working. I work at Amazon and my son takes on daily labor to help with the food and gas daily. We are currently in our car, we were staying in a hotel costing 350 aweek and could not make the payment this week. I do get paid this week and plan on going back. However this does not leave room for us to get from under this cycle. If I can find a homeowner who can rent a home to us similar to the terms of the hotel on weekly basis because we have no extra money for deposit or last month rent. I do have a eviction from my last residence in Houston, TX which also so makes it difficult. Looking for someone who is open minded to alternative ways to rent. I know that there is someone out there who can help and I look forward to hearing from you soon.. As I said before I will be going back to Hotel 5/19 but would rather go to a home. (I cant even cook and would love to have a home cooked meal.) Thank You in advance!

    1. Hi Janise,
      Thank you for writing. I’m really sorry to hear your situation. But I really thank you for writing. It’s important to let people know that you can do all the right things and still be homeless.
      Have you looked at the rooms for rent on Craigslist in Tampa. You can check it out here:
      We often have people renting rooms in houses weekly. It’s way cheaper than a hotel. And it’s usually just week to week.
      I’m becoming a believer and big fan of group homes.
      We had a woman who lived with my mom and me for 10 years. It was a very memorable and good experience for all of us.
      If I can help further please let me know.
      Take care,

      1. My ex girlfriend is homeless in Colorado and can not get home I’m trying to help but she is so far from home are their any places that would help her get back to NC she has no family and she really misses home how can I get her help

  14. I know a lady and her two small children I live in the Tampa area very basically walk the streets and hang out on the bus stop during the day and at night they stay on the park benches and picnic tables at the park is there anything that we can do to help these people my phone number is 813 408 92

  15. We are a homeless couple in Tampa.We are trying our best to get back on our feet.We are both willing to work hard to get our own place but need help so bad.We have gone to shelters but they are always packed.Hopefully someone will be willing to help us

    1. Hi Rick,
      Shelters are always really hard. And being a couple is tricky too. I know this is not ideal, but have you tried putting a tent up? That way the two of you can stay together and not spend any money on housing until you can save up enough to get a place.
      We are located in Ohio. So I’m not that familiar with the Tampa homeless situation. It’s possible a tent isn’t going to work. But it might be a start.
      Sometimes I recommend asking around if you can stay in someone’s garage. But that’s probably going to be too hot. Maybe a basement?
      These are rough suggestions, I know. But if you haven’t thought of them they might be worth some consideration.
      Hang in there Rick. You can make this happen!

  16. Hi to whom ever it might concern i have been homeless for about 3 1/2 weeks now .Simply Feel in love with NWA when i first relocated in the begining of 2016. Things where good for most of that year .Hit some ruff finace spots. Decide it to move back to Little rock ark about Mar 2017 …Car broke down on the way there lost everything i owned upon leaving my car on the highway. Stayed in LR up until 3 1/2 weeks ago upon going back in march. No jobs not much help so i just preyed to god caught a ride back to NWA springdale walked out on faith and now im here.

  17. Hi my name CAMI Carroll
    We being kicked out of our apartment the same month we paid rent for I have a auticst son and my feinca I also disabled we cant find anyplace we can aford especial cuz they took our rent then want us out I consider that this is a discrimination to my disabilities and my son partners the apartment we been in has mold and the nehibors do drugs but we the ones being asked to leave and have less money we don’t know what to do but put stuff in a storage unit and camp in tents were every free with four children and my hadicape son we desperate for help don’t what to do are both have bad credit my partner trying to get his up to qualify for a small loan but that takes time we don’t have if there any recorcess or help I could really use a loving hand more than happy to pay it forward I am on the state housing list but there’s no vouchers aft this time if there’s any help we sure could use it thank you
    Cami Carroll

  18. At 62 my wife and I worked all our lives to pay for this 1200 sq ft house but is was our home for 23 years, then she got sick with breast cancer and MS and could not work anymore, then I lost my job, we spent all assets trying to save the house but to no avail. Finally the stress was to much for her and she left. I was evicted 3 weeks ago and I am now homeless. I sleep in the old house at night here in Cherry Hill NJ Can you please help?

    1. Hi Don,
      I’m so sorry to hear about your situation.
      Have you been able to find a shelter? Have you been able to talk with anyone about getting on a list for assisted living? There are resources out there. But they aren’t easy to find. You can also rent a room. Being single gives you some flexibility.
      Please let us know if we can help along the way. We are thinking of you here at The Homeless Charity.
      Take care,

  19. Me and my son will be homeless in a week,unable to come up with rent.Lost a job I had for 25 years and been unemployed for three years because of disability,filed for disability which may take up to 6 months to be approve.
    Right now i’m very stressed because I don’t know what to do or who to turn to.

  20. hello my name is heidi and i live in arizona i have been homeless for many years and i have tried to get help from so many of our programs , etc etc i would just like that one person to believe in me and to help me and my 12 year old son and help us with a place to live please some one out there has got to have a kind heart im always helping others out even when i cant even help myself

  21. My kids and I have been homeless since May 8, 2017. Its very hard to get help when you have a job, I cant seem to save enough money for security deposit and first month rent. I have been denied at every resource center because I have a job. Just because I am homeless does not mean I still have current bills. I have to pay for the car, that’s about to be in jeopardy of loosing, the storage unit which I have two, because of one wouldn’t fix all of our items, the phone bill, insurance,daycare. As the 1000 deduction I have taken out my check this year which cause me to fall behind of the garnishment from my daughter high school for tuition when she was a freshman. I just need help to get back on my feet. Depressed Mom that needs help.

  22. Yes I know what it is like to almost be homeless my mom died in Dec and i get a tiny check for disability it don’t pay nothing I got so many bills now tobget paid cause of losing Mon and landlord made me move cause I could not pay him i was selling things to get rent then he still made me get out after we been there 8 years my sister had rented a double wide but never moved in and guess she could not pay the rent i had to get out I am facing losing my clothes and all in storage i can’t pay for my niece assnd sister has me in motel right now but they can’t keep doing this and my small check be gone in a few days paying here and no money for food as i have my two dogs as well I need help and you can’t find it here in Rock hill and fort mill sc as i have tried told call agencies i do they say no so i need help and no where to get it and housing lists are 4 years here so that don’t help I have asked so many people and just was told by a church there is no help like this for people in my situation here this is my home town and its not my fault I got a medical problem and can’t work I do need help I am at the end of my rope

  23. Hi
    In Seattle Washington, Call for Clean and sober rooms for rent. Move in today and get your life back from homelessness, grief depression, drug and alcohol use. Make the most from this day forward. Available for move in today. Call Biancco @ (206 )551-7350
    Turn desperation into HOPE…
    There are 4 women’s rooms and 12 men’s rooms

  24. Hi my name is Dawn, my boyfriend and I have been homeless for a while but now we both also just lost our jobs a few weeks ago! We applied to pro staff hoping for jobs but as of this morning there are no jobs hirrering in or near the Brainerd Baxter, mn area 😢

  25. I am trying to acquire a van someone is selling me and letting me pay as I get paid and still have the van. What I DESPERATELY NEED HELP WITH is the $159 for tag n title n fees and $160 for the insurance. Once I have that I get the van, I stop losing work due to lack of transpo. I have clients who are elderly, disabled and inferm since I am a home health aide that I am missing work. My jobs are temp given to others. Please help in any way you can. even if i can borrow a vehicle for a short time to make up the funds to pay for above expenses myself. My name is Phyllis and Im on the westside of Jacksonville, FOR NOW. I can be reached by TEXT only at 904-655-5819.

  26. Hello Everyone Me and my Boyfriend are currently Homeless. All the shelter are booked up. We have no family to help us and no friends to help us. So we’re reaching out for some help. We are both about to enroll into GSU. But untle then we just been living in the streets of Ga. If any of you can help us out we would be truly grateful.

  27. Hi, My name is Cami I am married, My husband and I as well as my mother have become homeless. We Moved to Fort Myers Fl in hopes of me finding a good job. On our way we have been confronted with one problem after another with our car we were traveling with 3 dogs and ended up putting two of them down because they became sick which also costed us some money. When arriving here in Fort Myers we found ourselves with enough Money to rent a cheap motel for a week. Since July 8th the three of us and our dog have been sleeping in our car and I still have not found employment. I have a degree in psychology and cannot find work. We have contacted the salvation army to find they have no beds available, but can feed us dinner, we have applied for assistance and attempted to apply for the homeless program but found that there is no homeless program but was told to contact the VA administration being my husband is a Vet. again there is no help there either but was directed to the VFW to see if they can help. The were able to get us a room for two nights which we will again be back on the street on Monday July 17th 2017. but it was a start. We have been directed to many agencies which turned out that they could not help us and some didn’t even answer their phones, we dont have anywhere to go and we do not know anyone here. And we still haven’t heard from the welfare department about rather they will help us with any assistance. I am very worried about having my mom on the street with us both she and my husband are disabled. I found that I cant get a job without an address cant get an address without a job, so I am really at a loss of what there is left for me to do if anything. Any help would be so very greatly appreciated.

  28. Hey I’m a teen mother I have two kids one who’s 2 and one who is almost a year my boyfriend and I recently got them taken for being homeless yet dhhs are just saying there’s nothing they can do to help me one because of my age another because supposedly they have no funding but I kids back they’re my life I struggled with being sexually and physically abused my whole life so bringing my boys into this world was the thought of actually having a family to call my own but no that they’re not with me all the Tim life is harder I need help getting into a place so I can have them back please if there’s anything anyone knows of to help me that would be great.

  29. Me and my fiancee was forced out of our house in Memphis TN because of a bed bug problem. Code enforcement got envolved. We just need a temporary stay for 1 week . Til our new home is ready.we only have enough money for the new house rent. 9014809876

  30. My boyfriend is homeless at the moment I am staying with friends… If you could maybe help out with a room for a night or 2 it would be appreciated thanks

  31. Mid 2015 applied for hiusing.
    Mid 2016 applied for apt. in sec. 8 where I lived.
    Jan 6 left abuse. 6 mo in shelter.
    Apr. seals, gaskets, &,freeze plg repair, took 1/2 of ssi chck n trk had more n new issues.
    May spent days figuring mega fuse issue.
    June /gas bar went out.
    July $500 of $712 given to new mechanic.
    2 wks later… No warrenty on work
    Mid June till early july lived in barn sets on rented pasture l rent for 2 horses I rescue.
    Because future ex husbands mom told land owner I was in the barn had to go back n live with abusive husband. HEAT a factor.
    Tonite, Jul 25 with police escourt had to leave abusive house
    Waiting for voucher for housing. Due any day.
    Desperate for deposit help n mechanic help.

    I’ve been living in a FULL BLOWN DOMESTIC ABUSIVE home for years.
    Y U might ask so long?
    I’m 54 n disable n truly trying to get a top of things n get 110% off system.
    Mid 2015 applied for hiusing.
    Mid 2016 also applied for apt. in sec. 8 where I lived.
    Jan 6 I finally was able to get in local domestic shelter, Safenet.n leave abuse. 6 mo in shelter.
    ADDED PROBLEM, vehicle breakdown.
    APRIL. seals, gaskets, &,freeze plg repair, took 1/2 of ssi chck n trk had new iproublems.
    MAY, Truck with starting issues, n I with SHELTER EXIT DATE. I spent days cwalking batty n parts from parts stores to truck n getting towed, ended up b n a
    arging mega fuse.
    JUNE 14 fuel bar n wiring prob.
    Towed AGAIN…
    JUNE 15 final exit date gave. TRUCK TOWED to closest mechanic.
    JULY 6 pd mechanic $345.
    NOW starter out.
    JULY 8 pd out $185. BIG SURPRISE!!! Vehicle getting 5 mpg n out of $65 in fluids.
    Abusers mother told land owner I was living in barn & forced to move or stay with abuser PLUS he shredded mail n I had DHS delete my medicaid n SSI cut $130 to pay for health ins.
    JULY 23 TRUCK broke down. Last mechanic refused to stand behind work. No warrenty on work
    TODAY JULY 25,
    OFFICIALLY OUT AGAIN with police escourt.
    GOOD NEWS, Waiting for housing voucher, BUT I HAVE NO $ FOR DEPOSITS & truck at 3rd mechanic.
    GOING BACK TO BARN. I LIKE IT THERE, just fear abuser telling.
    TY, P.C.
    918-809-1451. Plz just leave message. I get tons of spam on phn.

  33. If you are homeless in the City Of San Diego, California and are trying to get back to family or friends anywhere in the continental United States, we might be able to help. Please email me and we can talk. We must be able to speak to the individual you are wanting to travel to.

  34. We have been struggling to get on our feet for a while now. We have been living in our car & friends & family have helped us some but none of them can help us anymore. We live in Pensacola, Fl. We have both lost our jobs in the same week & been seriously struggling just to stay alive since then. There are times where we go days without eating or showering. Im afraid that if we dont figure something out soon we will end up dead from starvation. We need a place to stay for a long while 6 montbs atleast so we can find jobs & save up our money to get on our feet. We literally have no where to stay & no one else to help us. We have bills coming up in tge next week & if we cant pay those bills, we will lose our car, our stuff in storage, everything we own! Our phones will be shut off so we will have no way of looking fot jobs. Things have gotten really bad for us really fast & we need help getting on our feet or we will end up dead! Homeless shelters in our area dont take couples & the ones that do only offer a place to stay for a week & we have a small dog. None of the shelters here will allow dogs. Please help us!!

  35. hey my name is della and me and my fiance have been homeless for almost three weeks in houston tx and all the shelters are full down here is there anyone that is willing to help us fiance has heart problem,chronic asthma,and low blood sugar and heart disease, high cholesterol,and dont need to be in this heat.we will appreciate if any can help us.we barley been eating as well. and also we are also trying to get back to Kentucky where we can get back to working

  36. My wife and I have been homeless for almost a year now. We sleep in our truck. It is not easy. We stay in a parking lot in Houston Tx near Clear Lake City. We have to hold our homeless sign just to get food and gas. Our story follows: We were at Galveston with a few friends. We were living in Conroe at the time. We had a job and an apartment. My wife was seven months pregnant at the time. On our way back my wife Christine wasn’t feeling well. Minor pains. So we stopped at a local hospital to get checked out. Baby Devon was born 2 months early with down syndrome and was in the NICU for 21 days. We didnt have the gas or money to go back and forth. Christine’s job told her she can take the time off. At the end her job couldn’t keep her on. We lost the job and our apartment. Our friends and family all turned their backs on us. We were stuck. Devon never got to come home. Now him and our 3 year old daughter are in foster. They were taken from us by CPS. Not because we are homeless. They dont know we are. At least our children are not out here with us. My wife just found a job at Burlington. But we still have problems getting an apartment. We cant afford the deposet and first months rent. All our money has been going to a motel for a night or two so we can get cleaned up and our truck. Its been braking down alot lately. Starter, battery, 2 blown tires. Now our insurance is out and our tags are out too. The cops have already given us tickets for holding our homeless sign at Walmart. We have two tickets for our truck. We are asking for help. Well begging. We need help with food. Which we havent ate in 2 days. And a place to call home so we can get started on getting our kids back. I dont know if this post will work or not but its our last option. We tried every thing. Shelters, churches, and holding our homeless sign which doesnt work anymore. We did that today and only git water. I pray for the help. God Bless. David

  37. I’ve been going back an forth between family. My mother is mentally/verbally abusive. Has hit me quite a lot. I have no where to go. She has access to the same places. I work and go to my grandma house. My mother finally officially kicked me out. Don’t know what to do or where to go! I am 23 and I’m trying to figure out what to do next. Please Help!!

  38. Hi! I am a 56 year old woman who has been out of work for 4.5 years due to health problems. I have a lawyer working on my disability claim. I would love to get better but in the meantime I need help. I have no income. I lost my home to foreclosure in Mar 2016. I have been staying with a friend but he told me that I need to get out. I have no where to go. Anything will be deeply appreciated! Thanks!

  39. Hi, This is for a friend. She is in Beach Park, Chicago 60087 area. She and her two sons have been sleeping in the park for the past two months. She just landed a job but needs time to receive her first paycheck to get a place for she and her sons. While she’s working, her two sons are in the park. She’s afraid something could happen to them while she’s away. If nothing else, resources that may help her immediately is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time. It is appreciated more than you know. GOD Bless You..Liesa

  40. Hello my boyfriend and I are homeless as of today. 8/12/2017. We were staying at Holiday Lodge in Minden Nevada but because we could not pay our weekly rent we were kicked out.We both had jobs but have since lost them. I am on probation and need housing of some sort immidiatly. I just want to get mine and my boyfriends life back. any help would be greatly appriciated. We are alone and scared and no food to eat. Please help if you can. thank you so very much for your time..

  41. My family and I, (my husband,mom and myself), are in seriously desperate need of a decent place to live. We’ve lost our house and have been having to stay in a run down shack of a trailer that is really uninhabitable, and we’ve even been having to pay them rent for it. It has no kitchen sink, not able to put running water on there and part of the inside paneling walls and insulation have been ripped out for them to try to do a renovation, which never got done and finish with. Now they’ve decided to just let it go to the fire department for practice and we’ve got absolutely no where to go nor absolutely no way to go anywhere with no one to help. We can’t seem to find anybody who is willing to work with us on the finances to get us into a place. My mom is on retirement of $908/month and I am on SSI of $735/month. My husband isn’t able to work and is going to file for his retirement or benefits as soon as we can get all this mess straighten out.

  42. I’M in phenix city, Al. We’re needing a place in Columbus, GA; phenix city, Al; opelika, Al or something in between the locations

  43. Me 1 year old son and I are homeless. We are in Macon, ga. We have no where to go. We we’re kicked out of the trailer we lived in due to me losing my job and couldn’t pay the rent. We have been homeless for a little over a year. Can anyone please please help us. I’m desperate and only want to provide a stable home and better future for my son and I.

  44. Me 1 year old son and I are homeless. We are in Macon, ga. We have no where to go. We we’re kicked out of the trailer we lived in due to me losing my job and couldn’t pay the rent. We have been homeless for a little over a year. Can anyone please please help us. I’m desperate and only want to provide a stable home and better future for my son and I.

  45. My name is ashley i currently reside in the backseat of a car i live in cadiz kentucky a small town where you gotta have the right last name to get anywhere. Im a mother of 2 children i have a 4 year old son and a daughter that will ne 1 in october and in may my babies were taken from me and temporarily placed with their uncle and his girlfriend until i get a home. No matter how hard i try to get up i keep getting knocked down and it feels like im never gonna get 2 get up i been searching everywhere for someone to help get me on my feet by helping me get into an apartment/house so i can get my kids back my son is starting preschool next week and its killing me that i wont be getting him on and off the bus everyday. He cries every wednesday when we have our supervised visit because he wants to come home with me!! How do you look your 4 year old and tell him he cant come with you????! My heart is broke and it breaks every time i see him amd everyday i have to be without them. depression has taken over me, it seems like me having the chance to be happy again is about as likely as winning the lottery!! All section 8 waiting list are closed thats around here and public housing units are all full with long waiting list. im desperate all i want is to be able to go to my kids get their stuff and tell them “were going home”

  46. This story is about me and a woman who is a friend and a good person and we’ve known each other since! Unfortunately with a series of event which had occurred during the past 7 years have caused me so much pain and sorrow and almost feel defeated and crippled by all the pressure throughout years. I come from a good family and blessed. I’ve always being very caring and nice to people in general specially whom I care about. It’s been almost 2 years now and I feel like the scars on my body and soul are slowly are fading away and I’m getting ready to start a new chapter but there’s a big problem there . My friend and her daughter are thrown out of their home by the member of her own family who are so abusive and unfair to a defenceless and disable woman whose a single mother and is a good person and always helpful and respectful towards others. She needs help. I pray to God to give me strength and courage to help this family once again and that’s what good freinds do for one another. I just feel so alone! I hope that I can save them before its

  47. Please help we are about to be evicted from our home I have to daughters and a wife lost my job and we have no where to go. . Lawton ok shelters here dont cater to families. …

  48. I am a single tat is now homeless, I am trying to find childcare and looking for work and am couch hopping at the moment, trying to avoid shelters if possible. Idk what to do and I’m trying so hard to not let my depression get the best of me but it’s so hard when my life is such a mess. I try to be strong for my kids but inside my heart is broken and I feel so alone.

  49. i have my daughter and grand daughter at my home they are homeless.and need help badly.please send an email.thank you,i hope to hear from you.

  50. I I’m a single mother of there I recently been homeless I don’t have no where to leave and I been looking for assistant and may any program I have a 4,5,11 yrs old please help Me

  51. Hi my name is Shequita. My family (fiance, 2daughters, and 2 sons) and I are homeless in Dallas, Texas. We have been living in and out hotels for the past month. Its been very hard to maintain a job but we are holding fast in faith. We need help as shelters here in Dallas don’t have shelters for families. If anyone has any information that can help us overcome this tribulation, please respond to this post!!!

  52. I’m currently homeless have been for the past 4 years due to domestic violence with my ex husband. On and off of people floors I have 2 children 12 and 16years of age. I’m currently not working. My kids cannot go stay with there dad due to domestic violence with me and my older child please help me. I really don’t know what to do any more.

  53. To whom it may concern:
    I live in Central Phoenix, Az. After 10 yrs my landlord decided to put the house on the market and we had no where to go. Mom & I had no where to go but we are now in my brother’s 600q feet one bedroom. Mom & I are both on disability. We feel lost & cannot find an apartment that will take our doggy of 50 lbs, he cheers us up when we feel so lost & down. Moo has Parkingson disease & Deminia. I have a heart condition, as well as chronic migraines. Thank you..

  54. Hello my name louanna i have a 10 month old baby and a dog and also a husband who is the nany dad. We will be homeless in 11 days due to are roomates take the rent and still kicking us out i only make 10 hr and may 126 dollars a week but i barely making ends meet and we was paying 50 a week 200 a month to are roomates so we are really needing help we live in dallas texas 75204 please help thank you so much.

  55. hello im maggie smith im 25 years old me and my sister who is 28 have been homeless since our mother passed almost 3 years ago we have been on the streets im tired of bein assulted and my little possitions i have stolen i sleep on the train and have gotten mulitple tickets for not having fare while sleeping on the train i am not currently not able to recieve benifits from the state not even food as iam a single adult please any help i just want a safe place for me and my sister to sleep please any help i live in minneapolis minnesota

  56. We are homeless and want to live in lake county fl we have 3 high school children and a disabled 69 year old blind uncle plus a grand son my husbands a Vet and i am disabled please find help for number is 4072745558.

  57. My Name is Almeda Camacho and I have A husband who is a US Army Vet we have 3 children and a grand son we take care of my 69 year old legaly blind uncle and we are homeless . we have been looking for a house and have a 3rd party help to get in housing but no one wants to give us a chance…

  58. Hello. I’m William, a 53 y/o Army Vet. and Waiter. Four months ago I bought a $500 car and went to South Padre Island in hopes of raising enough money to a home for my family in Austin. My girlfriend is unable to work & is living with a disabled friend and raising our 5 y/o daughter (just started school 😀) They’re in Austin. My plan failed miserably. I’m still living in my (now broken down) car in the parking lot behind the restaurant I work at. Being homeless and away from my family has taken a toll on my body and spirit. Since I don’t have a mailbox, I missed Court for a ticket & now a warrant out for my arrest. I can’t even leave the island and go through the border check point to see my daughter. Looking for any help we can get. I may lose my family if I can’t get to them soon. There are many jobs for a quality Waiter in Austin. All I need is a place to stay and a way to get there, without being locked up . Thanks

  59. Hello without giving my last name to the public. I have been homeless since May of 2017. Living with my best friend in an apartment that I would have to leave within a few days. I became homeless shortly after losing my dad 3 days after christmas. I have no money except for uber. I have many clerical skill but hard to find help even getting a job here for that. The town I live in no one wants to band together to help. I look how the homeless reaches out to help each other when
    all I’ve wanted to do was help homeless since my younger years and right now I can’t even help myself. I’ve written tv shows, exhausted all my resources around town including family and friends who are not the friends they seemed to be when I became down. I really need a job and a place to stay desperately! If I can get a job that would really help me but I need a place to stay as well because without a job I can’t afford the rent. I have even written on craigslist and have even considered staying in a hotel but no one wants to help. I can get back on my feet I just need the help!

  60. Hello without giving my last name to the public. I have been homeless since May of 2017. Living with my best friend in an apartment that I would have to leave within a few days. I became homeless shortly after losing my dad 3 days after christmas to a heart attack. He had alzheimer’s and dementia as well. I have no money except for uber. I have many clerical skills but hard to find help even getting a job here for that. The town I live in no one wants to band together to help. I look how the homeless reaches out to help each other when
    all I’ve wanted to do was help homeless since my younger years and right now I can’t even help myself. I’ve written tv shows, exhausted all my resources around town including family and friends who are not the friends they seemed to be when I became down. I really need a job and a place to stay desperately! If I can get a job that would really help me but I need a place to stay as well because without a job I can’t afford the rent. I have even written on craigslist and have even considered staying in a hotel but no one wants to help. I can get back on my feet I just need the help!

  61. my name is kima Jackson and I have a family of 7 people 5 kids and 2 adults and we just got evicted from our home and had our truck stolen we are in desperate need of your help if you can. I can be reached at 803 582-8877 Thank you

  62. hello im a 48 year old homeless man with a little dog i have a bad heart and bad lungs i have been homeless for 3 years because no one will help me because i have a little 3 1/2 pound mini chihuahua her name is Tipsi Girl she is my service dog…my family has tried but because some of them live in apartment complexes and ask for $200 for my dog and $50 for me and im poor and can not work due too my health condition so i cant pay it and everyone is on a fixed income with no room too spare any money…so i am getting ready to get my social security i have been fighting for with social security for 4 1/2 years and finally got a hearing date for Sept 18 2017…i am a terminally ill man with too very bad diseases my heart and my lungs…i have worked for 35 years driving a tow truck and being a mechanic…so if there is anyone that can give me info on where i can get shelter and food till i get my social security i would greatly appreciate it…i can be reached at (727)339-9369 i am currently homeless in Port Richey Florida…
    Thanks David J Hardy Sr.

  63. I’m a single female homeless and sleeping in my car. I’m in the Atlanta GA area. I don’t have family in this state. There is currently no public housing or section 8 housing available to me at this time. I’ve used all my resources staying from hotel to hotel. I have a cat who I love dearly & have to pick up today from boarding and take to the pound because I can no longer care for or provide housing. I’m on public assistance so can pay rent on September 1st but housing (rooms to share) apartments and other rentals are very expensive. My budget is $400 per month. I’m clean, quiet, responsible and will respect your property. I just need someone to give me a chance.

  64. I am a 49 year old male who is fighting cancer. Living in the streets while trying to complete radiation and chemotherapy. I was in a shelter..but couldnt make the 3 hour commite each way to my treatment. I had no problems there and went to work everyday. They now claim they have no beds. I have income..and will be returning to work full time as a teacher as soon as my doctor clears me. Looking for some short of shelter just temporarily until I go back to work..and save a few paychecks.

  65. my name is dequadre walton 32 i have mild retardation and sickle cell anemia i have a family member take advantage of me by convincing me to leave my apartment in Alabama so they can take my gov check and spend it on them not allowing me any access to it i had to steal it back and im headed to albuqueque in a day or to to try and start over i need your help sign Mr walton contact me at 9042080185

  66. Hello all! My name is Latisha. My family (husband and 8 year old child) and I have been homeless for 10 months now. We are currently living and sleeping in our car since the last 4 months and parking at our storage unit for rest at nightfall. School is about to begin and its already been almost a year for our current situation. My husband and I work but properties are not accepting us due to eviction when I lost my last job due to lack of child care. We have no family willing to help with shelter. We are trying to relocate and and have been doing many applications to make sure we have our options but opportunity is still not knocking. I’m becoming more scared for the safety of my family and about losing my daughter if we are noticed. PLEASE HELP!!! I need more resources or anything because I have potential to do what right just nobody is ready to take a chance with my family and myself!

  67. Hi my name is jessica ivy an I have two kids seven months an four my ex boyfriend jus put us out for the fifth time knowing wr have nowhere to go ian in desperate need of help asap trying to find work but noone to watch my daughter my son is starting school an trying to figure out how im goin to afford his school clothes please help contact at 6623970833

  68. Hi my name is jessica ivy an I have two kids seven months an four my ex boyfriend jus put us out for the fifth time knowing wr have nowhere to go ian in desperate need of help asap trying to find work but noone to watch my daughter my son is starting school an trying to figure out how im goin to afford his school clothes please help contact at 6623970833 I desperately need a job an somewhere for mw an my kids til I get enough money to get my own place please I cry every night windrring wea we goin go the nxt day I cant let my kids suffer

  69. My name is Samuel Brinson. My girlfriend and myself are currently homeless in the Jasper Indiana area. It has just rained her and we both have barely gotten any sleep in the past few days due to weather. We are in dire need of you help. Here is my information. 805-668-1152. Please give me a call when you have the time. Thank you so much

  70. Hi my name is Heather. I am a single mom of three kids. My oldest lives with my sister. My youngest two are with me. My son 3 an daughter 2. This last year living in a homeless shelter for women an kids. Wasn’t safe or a good fit after a year. Before that was living motel to motel spent all my savings. Currently was renting a living space in a friend Rv giving rent. They had to tow it. Living in my car last few days. Just lost my job cuz I got sick an had to get rushed to ER an when I talked to my boss next day. She fired me.. I am scared and have called shelters all around bay area an don’t know what to do please help.

  71. Hello I’m Darrell I live here in Chicago I’m 32 years old a father of a 7 year old girl.. I’m homeless now I lost my job due to me making a mistake I regret.. I’m here because I’m scared and I need help. I don’t wanna live like this not the edge .. it’s hard and I cry mostly everyday because I wanted my family to at least be together my daughter has a place to sleep I usually sleep somewhere close outside to be able to take her to school.. her living situation is almost at a and… I’m going thru more than just being homeless .. I have thoughts of making someone hurt me now.. I’m tired of this life I live here in Chicago… I’m able to work but That’s hard to do now..because if my stability. Not being able to be in a apt. It’s not structured .. today I stole chicken out of Jewels because I needed to.. it’s getting bad.. plus all the violence around here .. I’m a non gangbangingblack male.. well I would like for someone to pay my 1st month and security deposit I can find a one bed room for 600 a month or studio for 550 .. please someone help if you can god will see this believe me.. I’m the type and person who needs a blessing the most …thank you for reading

  72. Hello,
    My boyfriend recently broke up with me and asked me to leave immediately. We just moved in together. I was never on the lease seeing it had only been two months. I don’t have any family out here in So Cal.I work full time and am working on a second Job that I just gotta call back from. I’ve used all my resources Staying in a hotel and my funds have ran out. I’ve talked to people off roommate sites I just don’t have the funds to move in. I can’t even try lyft or uber because I have no funds. I don’t know what else to do. Taking a risk isn’t something I can afford right now.

  73. Family of 6.5….I’m currently pregnant. Husband lost job A few months ago and we lost everything… We are currently homeless and living out of our car… We have children ages between 1-6yrs old. New baby due in November 2017. We would love help with security deposit and first months rent… We have applied to apartment homes and my husband is working to provide he just got started at a new job, but we don’t have the money for a new place to move in.. We don’t want to stay in our car any longer.. So any help will help.. Please and thanks

  74. my 36 yr old daughter is now homeless, has to live in her car. my landlord made her leave because she wasnt on the lease. she was living here with two children. can anyone please help her I cant afford to help her.

  75. I am 64 years and I am homeless. I have no where to go. Very scary living out on the street. My landlord passed in Feb away about 6 months age. His son didn’t tell me he was going to sell the house until July. Gave me 1 month to move out. I did, and now I have no place to leave.

  76. I am a 56 yr old female and have been homeles since I have lived in Atlanta Ga. I came to Atl last year to pursue a television ministry, everything is going as is supposed to in me getting the necessary credentials and being connected to the necessary people. I have also been successful in becoming a producer / director and coordinating my first two productions, one of which there was a celebrity appearance with no pay. But getting to the place where I will finally can be compensated for my effort and eventually running a successful television ministry is close, the last two months has left me without any mony and sleeping on the the train and staying at the airport. We are scheduled to film my next production which is already drawing attention with the promise of at least two spin offs. Which means pay. It is my passion and I won’t give up but without money I don’t eat much. Just want to eat until I can get my first pay. Thank you for hearing my story….Also want you to know that I was a CNA for over 25 years and was diagnosed with lupus January 2016 and because of the its so unpredictable and physical I can’t do that type of work anymore. It is hard to get other jobs since CNA is the only work that I have done for 25 yrs. I have no fa mily here and am determined to make it as a producer/director/ Minister

  77. My husband our 3 year old daughter and myself are currently homeless in mesa az. We were in a very severe car accident and my husband has not been able to work since the accident and we have been waiting for his long term disability to get approved it ended up costing us to be evicted due to somebody eles negligence not paying attention . we were also living in unsanitary and unsafe conditions because the manger would never fix anything causing black mold. Even though we continued to complain and put in work orders. With the little money we do have coming in we pay our car payment car insurance our storage and stay in a hotel for about 2 weeks of the month and buy food the rest of the month we have no bed to sleep in our daughter always says I wanna go home mommy when are we going home. It breaks my heart. All the shelters for families are full. We don’t know when my husband will be able to return to work. Not having a home makes it difficult for him to go to physical therapy and to get back surgery done. Any help would be a huge blessing.

  78. My name is Megan. My brother and I recently lost our rental home due to some minor issues with paying rent. Our father passed away 12/22/16 just 3 days before Christmas. He unfortunately did not have a will or anything to him so we were left in the dark with no money or any access to help what so ever. I left my job July 2016 to help take care of my sick father. My brother has a multiple learning disability so there only so much he can comprehend and do. From the time of dads death up to now I’ve been searching for jobs and new rental units but have no luck since we barely had anymore and now are homeless living out of my car. here and there stay at a friend for a week trying to get back on my feet and have not had any luck. I’m desperate for help and information on what do to. PS landlord knew situation but did not give a damn just wanted his money and that was it. I’ve given the best i could with rent money but it never seemed enough to give me another month.

  79. Hi Sage,
    I am Debbie a 59 yr. old woman homeless since June 05, 2006 when I was assaulted and advised by state police to flee the state for my safety from 30 years abusive marriage. People tell me they think I’m happy to live homeless. Huh, I am happy, I make it look so easy. I have been in theropy since 2007 off and on between jobs ( contracted construction) and went full time theropy in 2011 after being disabled with PTSD and a physical break down which causes my brain to send adverse messages to my body. Weird things happen to me without any prompt or help. Body movement uncontrolled by me. At first I just kept falling down without cause. That went on for about three years. I had to change my whole life around and learn to listen to warning signals to stop the falling and getting hurt. This year I have been given the all clear to go ahead and look for work to enter a productive life in the work force again. I can work at many types of jobs except what I retired from early in 2012, a year after diagnois. My doctor has said: No hard heavy construction as the physical break down caused mussel loss. My car is own it’s last needs a new fuel pump after just charging 1500.00 last month on ratiator, tune up, roters, oil change plus homelessness makes for bad personal hygiene without facilities or no peace using others facilities. I can honestly say: No one has helped me. Every hand extended to me has been well met with sex, maid service, child care, errons, remodels, material handling and household chores. I have a settlement order that is on paper only and no funds to continue the fight for what is rightfully mine. I have lived in the States of: Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, and Illinois. I really don’t want anything, however I need everything. Use of facilities with peace, – (which no one has to clean after my use) clothes that fit, car fixed, job, and a dwelling. Therefore; there is no help for me. I simply need too much at once for any one organization but I came across your site and wanted to share a bit about homelessn. Odd how America is real funny like that. People helping people until things become a real need. I’ve been a hiring boss and I would not hire someone like me just for appearence alone without the uncontrolled body movement. I am a realist serviving against all odds on 920.00 a month early retirment with dept payment 350.00 a month. Which encured for vehicle repair and upkeep, food and hygeine and thrift clothing when absolutely necessary. I am on no assited help even though I have asked. Thank you for your concern and the opportunity to share some of my struggle in a day.

  80. I never thought I would be writing this today: but I need your help. My name is payton and I am a 19 year old domestic abuse survivior. I was booted from my mother’s house in february, however I managed to find places to go up until now. I wanted to go to med school in the fall and now I possibly may be pregnant. If it was just me, I would keep house hopping until I could make it on my own: but no child deserves that life. I just need enough to get me in the door, as I just got hired as a hostess for a restaurant. If you can help, please email me at I need help as soon as possible, and I promise one day I will pay it forward.

  81. I am homeless and broke everyone that I turn to for help has said no or some have just turned there back on me I’m scared and very alone I don’t know what to do or we’re to go I need help I’m drowning out here and feel hopeless if someone can help my cell is 475-689-7642

  82. I am Annette, 58 yrs. Old, living in the VA area. My husband abandoned me for being disabled/burden. I have no nowhere to go or resources and ended up homeless. I tried getting housed at shelters, but they have waiting lists. I do receive disability benefits, but not enough to obtain an apartment. Since my yearly salary is under the required amount I don’t qualify. Presently, I’m sleeping in my car and out of Hypertension medication. My husband is threatening to delete me from his medical insurance as well. I will appreciate any support. Thank you.

  83. Hello my name is joshua ford i am 20 years old recently kicked out of home and living out of my truck with my girl friend who was also kicked out of her home we just really need to find a comfortable place to lay our heads at night and a place to shower we both have job can anyone help us find good hotel vouchers?

  84. I am 61…my roommate is 68 a disabled marine Vet and about to become an amputee.We are homeless in Sacramento. I have money for rent and deposit. even tho I paid rent all my life we are homeless because we cant qualify for anything

  85. my name is Renee ,and i live in missouri i am in the middle of opening homes for people who need a long term place to live have to have some sort of income,please feel free to call me at 573-283-3461 or 573-931-5231

  86. My name is Daniel I’m 30 years old and have a wife and 4 kids and we have been currently living in a small car. I was in a motorcycle accident 2 years ago that about killed me and lost my job cause I could not work and this last year a week before Christmas our house burnt down and we lost everything iv been looking everyday for a job and places to stay but no luck . I’m a very hard worker and I have experience in plastic mold machine repairs, auto mechanics, and more. I stay in Kansas City Mo area and can use a good job to get help get me up on my feet so I support my family if you can help please email me anytime at
    I’m drug free and don’t ever drink and will pass drug screen and would take one everyday to prove my dedication
    I can show proof of my motorcycle wreck and house burning down.

  87. hi my name is Justin Perry. Me amd my girlfriend both have been displaced due to the hurricane Harvey. She has epilepsy and dyslexia. we have been to the grb center the nrg center until finally we finally gotten approval for tsa from fema. we only have like 4 days left in the hotel where we are. the hotel is close to my job so i am able to get to work but once tuesday arrives im not sure i will be able to continue to make it to work because i wont have a place for my girlfriend to be while im at work. i only need assistance with paying for this room for another 2 weeks when i have recieved my check otherwise ill loose my job amd will be forced to become homeless.

  88. My boyfriend, 1 year old & I just moved LA California & the people we were supposed to be staying with didn’t keep their end of the deal. So as of right now we’re homeless. No money, nothing. I have no idea what to do to help my family. Any advice, help or anything would be great!
    Jessyka Winters

  89. Hi my name is Sarah I am a full time medical assistant and a single mother of a 3 year old little boy. I like a lot of mom’s do not get any ripe of support or government assistance. I had been making arrangements and paying my rent a couple weeks late every month after the engine blew on my car and I had to get two payday loans to buy a new one as well as pay insurance, tags, daycare and every day living and finally the apartment complex told me I could no longer make arrangements and signing over my keys would be better then getting evicted. So that is what I did all these things happened and I still managed to not miss a single day of work, and now I just lost $80 in fees to find out I do not qualify for a one bedroom apartment for $450/mo all bills paid because I “skipped out” on my lease even though the complex and I had an agreement. I really need to find an affordable place for my son and I to live, I am trying so hard to stay positive and keep a smile in every thing I do and trust above however im also a pessimist so that is complicated. Please help. Thank you!

  90. Hello
    My name is Robert Jeffery Glynn
    I am 48 years old and I am homeless. In 2003 I purchased my first home in Benicia hills in the bay area. And almost 3 years later my mother passed away and left me devastated I lost my home my job and my family ive since been struggling with deep depression ive got medical problems that have gone unattended for years now since I no longer have medical coverage I live in a tent
    I see my daughter as often as I can get her to come see me and I give her any money I have in hopes shell know I love her very much thank god she lives with her mother and has had a somewhat good life ……she’s almost 19 now
    My son 26 is a registered nurse he just graduated ….in very proud of him and im even more great full that he loves me my oldest daughter works with autistic children and has me very proud
    I just wish I knew what to do to get my life back so they can be in it more. I have managed to stay working here and there i take any job I can get I just feel so defeated most of the time just hopeless ….please any direction you can point me for help
    Robert j.Glynn

  91. Hi there my name is Haven Phongpheth as of September 30, 2017 our landlord put a note on our door we rent out a room at there place and we already paid rent and everything nothing is due until the 15th of October they heard of something said wrongly the owners boyfriend he has an mental issue he talks to my wife when I’m at work it’s me my girlfriend and my 9 month year old son we are basically homeless right now we moved here a month ago from Tennessee. I don’t know what to do at this point I’m at church right now with my family asking God for help I know there is an angel that’s gonna lead me to get help never give up Good is good all the time I’m being tested in my patience right now I been doing so good working hard and everything now this it’s not right anybody know anything email me Havenonphongpheth@gmail we currently stay in Seattle, Wa

  92. Annette,
    You live in Virginia, get in touch with DRS, That is Department of Rehabilitation Services, they should be in the phone book. I do not know your location but they have a office in city’s. Farmville, Stanton, Lynchburg, Richmond, and Norfolk. Another place you can look is Department of Social Service. Now the Sheriffs office, clerk of the court, and county clerks,they can’t do much (depends on how they are set up) but usaly they have all the info to the resources to help you.

  93. Help us keep a young family from being homeless and provide Jackson Co. with a foster care home it badly needs. We have almost reached their goals but they still need a little help. Please give and if your able to help call us at 740-395-3474.

  94. Looking for Homeless man Ramon Estrada age 66 DOB 08/31/1950 or 1956. 5 ft 7 at 190 lbs. spanish/black. His long time Friend Lisa Dawn Marble in Santa Rosa, CA is looking for him. Would like to help him and get him a cell phone/tracfone. I am a friend of Lisa Dawn Marble’s. email 1-707-799-8613

  95. Kathy Ray,
    You are with a disabled vet. Have him go to the DAV and VA. You have more resources then most. Habitat for humanity and most states also have special programs for vets. Because he is a vet you two are put on top of list in most states. Look at your states social services, department of social services, sheriffs departments, most police departments would rather help you find help then crime. Your problem is personal to me as I am a disabled navy vet. As a vet I spent over half my time as security. So I am telling you the feelings of fellow vets and those who are called to serve. Other resources are American Legion, the veterans of forgien wars(vfw) . google homeless vets, each state has has programs and organization dedicated for this cause. Even if he was not disabled there are more programs on homeless vets then you can shake a stick at. But he is disabled, try wounded warrior, and other based programs.while doing that you need to look at social services for your self. You have a chance and the nation is behind both of you. His great service to our country and you for sticking by him to help him.

  96. Taylor,
    Go to social services most have a domestic abuse center somewhere in the state. Talk to a cop. Get help. Don’t be scared to find help. Abuse cases.make a person feel frail and scared. Seek counciling get help now before it escalates.

  97. Almeda Camacho,
    I text earlier on advice to a compainon to a marine vet. Want you to read that. Go to the VA. Vetrinans Affairs,DAV. ,American Legion, VFW, Elks and each state is different but most have vetrens programs set up. Also google homeless vets. There are many organization set up for vets. Go to your social services. He is a vet, there is too many choices to choose from. Habitat for humanity is another good sources. The same the nation is behind you and your husbands service.

  98. Payton,
    You want to work in the medical field. You still have a good chance to. The military can help you. Go to the Army, Navy, Air Air Force, or national guard. Reason I say that, they can pay for your education, healthcare, health insurance all covered. If you are intrested or need help in any way doing this contact me at by texting 4344148107. If not contact your state social service they may have grants for school for people in your situation.

  99. I’m homeless due to a father’s interstate/cyber-stalking my home and work for years, because by accident I learned of a family “secret”. The bastard should have been put in prison. He is now dead, but 2 very evil siblings are continuing his evil legacy of stalking. This has wreaked havoc with my life. Would love to barter with someone, so I can use a fed tax id and not my ssn to report my taxes, as my family has way to track ssn and my whereabouts. Would love help with 1st month and if possible a little more to get my feet on the ground. Thanks, Hal 615.243.1702

  100. My name is Crissy and my fiancee and I and our 6 yr old son are currently homeless in Abilene, TX. We ran into a situation of a scumlord that sold our house we were renting out from under us. We were forced to move out with no place to go. I am currently waiting a decision on disability from a spine injury sustained almost 4 years ago. My fiancee is a hard worker and is having difficulty finding a job that will even pay enough to support us. We have been sleeping in our truck for over a month now and our son is suffering in school from not having a place to go home to everyday. He has fallen behind and is now having to be put in special programs at school to get him up to grade level. He tells us everyday “I just want to go home”. My fiancee can do just about any job and goes to the salvation army every morning to do any odd jobs that people may need help with. We aren’t looking for anything fancy, just a safe place to call home and raise our child. Our problem is coming up with deposits to move into a home. What money he does make has to go to food and trying to find shelter so we are going in circles. We are on the HUD waiting list but the list is over 2 years long and the resources for homeless people from what I’ve found in our city are very slim. Any resources or help or information would be greatly welcomed and we do give back to our community when we are able in every way possible. Thank you in advance

  101. Hello my name is edward vanderver i have just recently lost my home went to florida to live after losing my house in cincinnati then lost everything i had due to the hurricanes im now back in cincinnati my mother who was living with me is in the hospital with a kidney infection and bleeding in her brain i have no one to ask for help its just me and my service dog goose sleeping in a car i have no money no nothing looking for some help or ideas to get help i am able to work just dont have the structure for it i have no where for my dog to go or for me when im working havent been able to work the past few days since all this has happened im 24 years old taking care of my disabled mom which has finacially crippled me please if there is anyway you can help or even send me some info please do again my name is edward im 24 and live in cincinnati lost everything my number is 5138061780

  102. I will keep my name on notice but I am currently live in Lubbock Texas and I have been going on homeless for about a year on and off just recently yesterday I had lost my job and today or by Monday I am going to be losing my car I had moved on here from San Antonio I was homeless before I went to San Antonio but I returned to Lubbock to be closer to my kids I have been sleeping in my car sleeping under a bridge and sometimes sleeping in the park I would show up to work everyday as if it was a normal day nobody around me and only two people know my situation one has tried to help but was only able to help with little bit of money the other one she helps me by letting me go and over taking a bath and grab something to eat sometimes I can stay there for a couple of minutes it’s about 2-3 hours a day and sometimes when I go over there I have to leave because I am embarrassed I am a grown man who has fallen went to his own mud hole but I had tried I have work tried to pay my car payment but every paycheck that I get we need to go to my car or will go to child support and this has left me homeless again as I write this to you I am at lost of many words I don’t know how to tell my kids that their dad is homeless that has no money that has no car that has no house I have tried to look for another job and was unsuccessful like my ass family to help one they will not help and to we do not get along or anything I would sometimes see my dad I left that the park at the bench table as he passes by as if I’m invisible my brother we do not talk for several reasons I have tried numerous of times to reach out but I’ve always been kept in the dark I don’t know or understand myself how much longer I will go in this life I now have nothing I have to hide when I am in my car so it will be reposed but it will be repossessed because I do not have the money I work last week yesterday I got paid $98 not enough to pay my car payment not enough for a week in a motel knowing I don’t have a job cuz I was laid off and the company I was working for pretty much says they don’t have any other jobs which I know they do I just want to be able to have some kind of shelter over my head someone that can work with me at least through the winter I will pay I am looking for a job as of right now I will be on foot I am grateful. I am by myself and not in a relationship because no woman wants to be with a man who was as low as I am I just wish I had someone even as a friend or as a helper that will not give up on me because when you give up on someone as low and life as I am I end up giving up myself falling into depression sucks and this is where it lead me I don’t know where to turn I’ve never been so homeless and so down my entire life this is not the way it is supposed to be thank you for reading
    sign no one special in Lubbock Texas

  103. Hi my name is Canella but everyone refers to me is Nikki. I have been homeless for awhile now staying here and there as allowed so as not to get in trouble. I am disabled working towards my disability because I am a bigger size due to alot of health problems I have. I have tried to work and just cant due to my weight and the stress it puts on my heart. I had a heart attack at the young age of 18. I am looking for help with deposit and first month’s rent to get into something. This is all I’m asking for as it was to big of an amount for me to knock together. I live in Brownsville Tennessee where there just is no help for the homeless nor ammenities to help get us out of these situations. We don’t even have a homeless shelter. This is my only source for asking for help. So please if anyone find it in their heart to hear my plea and help me it would be the greatest blessing God has ever bestowed upon me. Please contact me at 9014302389. My name is Canella aka Nikki. God bless you!

  104. Separated wife to a man in jail, mother of 2 teenage children. My electric bill was extremely high one winter and at the same time I lost my job. I couldn’t find another one in time before my electric was disconnected making it unsafe for my kids and I to live there.
    I succeeded with the first shelter placing me in a transitional housing program until the government said we no longer needed it. The second time I went into shelter, the Shelter Case Manager was great, but the I felt mislead by the Housing Case Manager. She told me to find places on my own that I would like to live and gave me some options of less favorable places for us to pick to live that were more on the rowdier community side.
    The bad part about Shelter Housing programs is good landlords are scared you can’t pay rent and won’t take a chance on you. I now have been on my current job for over 3 years and I am a Manager there. My bosses know my situation but I am still struggling. Looks like all I can afford right now is the scarier unsafer communities.

  105. Hello i am a single parent of two precious boys. Were from minnesota but we moved to st louis in 2011. We came back august 2016 due to my mother getting a divorce and someone trying to harm our family so we had to move immediately with no where to stay living place to place and living in the car. Currently in a 2 bedroom with my mother. Bills were sky high so we were late on rent sometimes or short so they will not renew the lease so im trying to figure something out for my kids. I have a 4 year old and a 5 month old and dont want them in the mix of the situation. Im looking for a 2 bedroom just in need of someone to help woth 1st month rent and deposit if possible. Anything will help. God bless everyone . I can be contacted via email or via phone 3149225710

  106. My name is Rachel. My family has been homeless for a little over a moth. We are residing in the Sacramento County area of California. I am trying everything I can to find us a home. We are preferring a 4 bedroom but will make due with a two if necessary. I am currently the only one working and I work as a substitute for the United States Postal Service. I have an older son, roommate and a boyfriend who all will be willing to work, but it has been hard for any of them to find work since we don’t have a permanent address and I am the only one who drives at this time. We left our home due to a few reasons, I was the only one working and the gas bill got too much for me to afford alone, the guys were all looking for jobs but had to walk almost two mile in the heat to be able to work, since the public transportation in our area was lousy. We also made the mistake of renting from a woman who was the step-mother to my older son. Personal feelings got in the way of business. It was also a 2 hour commute each way to and from my job. Right now we have been staying in Motels to be able to keep a roof over my disabled son’s head but that is starting to get too difficult as well. I am at a loss of where to go and what to do. Any help would be appreciated. I can be reached at

  107. Me and my three little girls are homeless in arizona que have no family up here if anybody could help us get to detroit we have a place to day please help us

  108. Hello, I’m 41 with my daughter and soon to be son in law…homeless. we can’t go to shelters cos they are full. I’m disabled and can’t work, just approved for disability and playing the waiting game. Any help is appreciated. You can text or call me 5094754192.

  109. Hi. My name is James, and my wife’s name is Eve. We are on the street because I have been out of work. Thank God I found a job, but we are still homeless. I just started working on Monday, and my first check comes in 2 weeks. It hurts to see my wife with nowhere to get rest or warmth. Most of the time but not always we can find food. Sometimes we can’t. We are Cristian people in a state where we don’t know anyone, and no support except for ourselves. All we are looking for is a foot in the door and I will be able to pay the bills from month to month. We don’t have security deposit and first month rent so we can’t find a place to go. If you could please help us with that it would be greatly appreciated. Give me a call please at 475-434-3017 thank you for everything

  110. Its rough!! Ive raised two boys (Johnny and Joseph)since diapers.. had a lot of help from my mom… i love her so much. But my boys were happy to finally get our own apartment.. they were both in elementary school at the time. When my older son (Calvin)was with his mom on the streets and i made sure he stayed with me and he was in jr.high. So there we were me and my three boys happy as can be. When Calvin turned 18 i reported it to the office but was maybe a month late. I lived in casa mesa estates which is a subsidised housing apartments and we paid $50 a month cause work was slow and i had no income. So because i was late telling them my son turned 18 they kicked up my rent over 1500. Long story short i got evected and had to move out two days before christmas. Very depressing for us all !! But my brother was happy to take in me and my family. Everthing seem to be going good untill he had to move after ten years…because the owner sold the house and the buyers had plans for it. That was rock bottom! My mom moved out of state and we had no where to go. Luckly my son calvin got a friend he moved in with and Johnny and Joseph moved in with there older brother. Johnnys 15 now and Josephs 13 the age they need me the most but we had to seperate cause i was headed to sleep on the streets and as much as i didnt want to seperate i couldnt put them through that. Its been a while since ive seen them and its hurting everyday. I need help i need to get my boys back. We talk through messenger but its not the same. Please if you can help me in any way possible my names Johnny Gutierrez my email address is i know there is people willing to help cause i believe in doing for others more then you do for yourself will get you in heaven.

  111. My name is Virginia I’ve been living in my car with three small Chihuahua mixes I live in Azusa, California. Most people wanted know that I’m homeless I make it my job not to look homeless but it’s very hard there are no shelters to take someone with pets there are food programs but mostly the food is unhealthy not to say I don’t appreciate any help I get but if you know of any programs that can help me I lost my back house 5 years ago I was in college and on Section 8 with my daughter the landlord decided to evict me but I did win in court I am on another list and waiting for a Section 8 housing voucher but I did lose my other voucher I could not find a place within the few months that they gave me I’ve been homeless ever since it is very hard just gas and maintenance on the vehicle that I live in is so costly… I also get afraid to ask for help afraid that someone may take my pets I keep them clean they do need their shots but I always give them they’re flea ointment every month… if anyone on this site knows of anyone that can help me I am willing to relocate California is very expensive and I have next to nothing I would appreciate any leads that anyone has.

    1. SRO single room .unhealthy shelters. Try to avoid .affordable housing .denied yearly income under the required amount $3000 to $40000 .low income apart in waiting list. Takes 5 to 8 yrs. Section8 been waiting 9 to 10 yrs no funds .programs nonprofits .helping clothes gift cards blankets diapers .EBT. Voucher tenant rental assistance based voucher got expired personal reasons .claim to the city to recover property damage vehicle denied .fema apply california not declared as disaster .california not much funds .im homeless physical disabilities lost my vehicle by a natural disaster of flooding my health gets worse difficult and stressfull right knee injury meniscus replace arthritis. Swelling stiffness. Pain join damage deformity stand or sitting not for long. Lifting climb bend streighten stairs cant difficult chair shower.lost motion presure joins walking. Not uneven gtound wet 1 block most limp .affordable housing im not for people with a yearly income $10000. Im in the area san diego california i need help to buy a car the extra help for my legs my daughter is suffering not in college please all i asked to what its fair buy a car im doing to much damage to my left knee kneecap now is need it

  112. hello my name is Shannell. My boyfriend and I have been homeless for about 2 years. He is unable to work because his id was restricted when someone stole his information and locked up. He have to wait until its clear to finally get it back. I have been looking for work but because I don’t have a stable address and at times even transportation i can’t get the job. We are currently living with a friend but we have very little time left here. We are asked to leave soon but we do not have anywhere else to go. I am not certified but I have a little over 3 yrs of senior care. Customer service. Inventory. I even have completed basic culinary classes so I can be a prep cook if I am able to practice my knife skills. I am cpr first aid and aed certified. And food handlers certified. I am in baltimore md. We are worried. We don’t want to sneak into vacs. All the shelters are full. We just want a home. It can even be a studio. I have a interview today for pt security. It may not be too much in pay but if I get this I can have money for transportation to find other jobs. Can you help us? Any little thing will do. We are desperate.

  113. My roommates and I are being evicted we have no where to go and no car I don’t have work and at my wits end so depressed I’m 53 and need help I live in va and its cold I don’t like asking for help but don’t know what else to do

  114. my name is Brittanni and I am about to be homeless again. I have been couch crashing for 3 years and I am almost about to be on the streets again. if anyone can help, please don’t hesitate to email me. anything is appreciated. thanks

  115. Hello, my name is Ellen I am 32 from Palmdale ca, and I have a 9yr old daughter.And have been homeless for a year now. I was taking online classes for a bachelors in business entrepreneurship with a life goal to have my own catering and craft business. I was doing well and was on the dean’s list with a 3.58. However, I became homeless and was living in my car, and I slowly started falling behind. Until my car was repossessed, then I eventually was dropped and given a bill to pay for the classes I failed. I then began living on the street in a tent and my storage unit. I am unemployed but have been looking for work. I recently have been getting callbacks for interviews and even was offered a job but having no car or income is making it hard to become and stay employed. I am trying to get back on my feet, and I feel it will be easier if I had reliable transportation so I can get to interviews and accept job offers. And also get back to school so I can continue pursuing my goals. If anyone can help me or knows of any resources that can help me get a car or transportation assistance could you please let me know I will much appreciate it. thank you, my email address is

  116. A little over a year ago I lost my brother to suicide it has been really hard for me since I suffer from depression anyway. I also have many different learning disabilities. In this year I realized that I need to move since family does not help my depression. So I put in my two weeks at my job so my husband and I could move with our cat and dog. While moving, many thing happened my husbands family got into our marriage and now he is in rehab which is good. His family has told me I’m no good for him. My whole life I have been told I’m no good. I will not go into my history since I have had many bad thing happen. So now all I want to do, is what I have planned. I will be moving to lake Charles, Louisiana in the next two week. I do not have a car so have not figured out how I’m getting there yet. It will only be my dog and I as far as I know. I thought about just camping since it does not snow there but I really need help getting started since I don’t have much for funds and with camping it will make it hard to find a job since ther will not be indoor plumbing. If there are any resources to help me that would be great.

  117. I’m totally disabled ,but have been unable to get SSI…. and I’m being evicted , because I can not pay a $210 increase in my campgrounds lot rent , I have nobody to turn to, and only 3 weeks to stay here , On Jan 1 ,…I will have to move…..(What a great Christmas ) …..I have a small 50 year beat up old trailer that needs tire’s, registration and plates …so it can be moved into storage , till I find a place to set it to live …..Where can I turn…Who will help ? I just want to die …I can’t live on the streets or in a tent…. any one ? please help….I need a Doctor that will see me and help me prove my disability ? and a Lawyer to take my case …..
    I also need funds for moving and finding a place to live ….Please ! Curtis Weekes
    20052 se 110th ave INGLIS FL , 24449

  118. I’m a single disabled person..who has trouble walking and use cane’s and a wheel chair….I have a parcels of land in cocoa fl that I’m willing to share ‘FREE OF RENT ‘with the right HOMELESS Person / family ….If you don’t mind camping in Florida,OFF THE GRID ” for awhile….and have a trailer …(if you don’t …I have a 10 man tent you can use till, we find you one ))
    Because I myself I’m about to be three weeks … from my campgrounds
    You must have a newer /reliable truck with AAA….capable of towing a 28 ft Airstream trailer ,a little money to help me get my trailer road legal , … , plus be willing to travel and work the flea market’s , Auction’s ect….to make cash to live ..
    My property is 1.6 acre’s and has 100 year old oaks and a deep wide canal with eatable fish, It also has many wild pig , small deer and ton’s of chicken of the tree….For hunting and trapping …
    I want to hand dig a well ,and, live off the land , with a large garden , raise chicken’s , ducks, ect …..So If you have Good running TRUCK? With tow hitch ….. a few dollar’s…. but, Don’t have a place to call home , Tired of worrying or even paying bill’s every month ? WANT’ GET BACK TO NATURE ? LIKE ME…send me an email…
    PS. No crazy’s ,hard drug user’s ,pill popper’s , felon’s, thief’s , lair’s, child molester’s ,or drunk’s , need apply … you are not wanted…and will be vetted…I don’t have time for b-s…
    Open to anyone willing to work hard , any age 18 or over ,male or female….. single /married / small family (as long as the children well behaved) any race , or religion (if you believe in fairy tails) no problem …you just can’t try to convert…..I don’t want to hear it…AND ARE COOL! Curtis ,

  119. Hello my name is Anthony, i work at a local dollar general in rural PA. i recently was re-connected with a friend from high school named Thomas, Thomas is Autistic and homeless, recently i have come to understand just how bad this young mans life is. Thomas bounces around place to place with his “mom” and “dad” who send Thomas into stores and gas stations to beg for money or food for them. Thomas hates begging and does not enjoy the company of his crook parents very much either. Until recently Thomas collected disability and could part himself from his twisted parents and be happy, but Thomas’s father stopped paying rent and soon enough they were evicted and Thomas found himself homeless and hungry, and since they got evicted and had no address, Thomas lost his disability. I have brought Thomas under my wing i can provide a little food here and there and help getting assistance, but at this time i cant bring Thomas into my home as its full and very small as it is (im 22 working at dollar general). i want the very best for Thomas and i want him away from his destructive parents. ive never done anything like this and i need help and advice!!! Help me find Thomas a home!!!

  120. My name is Maria. Princess, my dog/companion and I are homeless in Tampa, Florida. I am 50 yrs old and need immediate help and/or suggestions. Is there anyone that lives in the area that can help me. I am looking for a room to rent from someone that can work with me. I am actively looking for work. I am a virtual assistant and make a little bit of money by doing assignments online and I complete surveys for numerous websites. I am willing to work off and repay any help that I receive. I can provide food every month. I am very domesticated and can do chores such as, house cleaning, laundry, etc. I am looking for that person that can trust me and give me a chance for a new beginning.

  121. Hello my name is devray im turning 17 in january i dont realy know where else to turn my mom lost her house about 3 months ago ,life has alllways been hard but never like this ive never really talked about it but how to get help if no one knows we have been staying woth wjat family we can its just so hard threw the holidays ik im getting older but it still gets to me i jave a little brother and a little sister there 11 and 12 they dont understand why we dont have a house or a tree , my dad got diagnosed with hart failer 6 years ago so everyday is a fight for him my mom is trying her best but really needs help being a single mom with no job and where homeless at that so please please help me in and way u can this is all i want for christmas

  122. My name is Rachel I’m a 25yr old female who has lost everything this year i was fired, evicted, and my car was completely totaled very hard worker who is just looking for a opportunity to better myself came from nothing don’t have any parents or Family i can turn to so no support was in a abusive relationship for 5 yrs once i finally got out of that landed a good job but was terminated in August and since then all of this has taken place life flipped upside down I’m severely depressed and every other thought is about killing myself i hate waking up and i can’t seem to push the negativity away I’ve been raped as a kid beaten and have​ been emotionally and mentally abused since i can remember though it all I’ve tried and tried to get it right but it just all falls to shit I’m on my last chance at trying to fight for this life and that’s what bring me here i might have a place to sleep for a few nights but trust me when i say i don’t have long I’m in St. Louis MO my number is 3145563490 email is if there is anything you can do i ask that you please do so i just need a chance i swear I’ll die to work and maintain any opportunity given en vety sweet and friendly and smart just been dealt some shitty hands in life never finished school dropped out in 8th grade on the streets by 13 but went back and got my G.E.D at 15 I’m determined i just need help please

  123. My name is Brittany Westmark my boyfriend is moving in from another state to be with me but I will have no place for me and him to go and sadly no transportation.. I work but rn I don’t make enough for a place to stay. I’m trying to save up for a car. The reason my boyfriend is moving here is cause he’s homeless also and wants to be with me so we can try to help each other out.. he’ll be here in a couple days and I’m really stressing out with where we are going to stay.. please help us out 🙁 he also needs to try and find a job as soon as he gets here. But I would just like a boost of something good to come for us. I’m living in Washington State.

  124. My name is Ruth. I am a mature Woman located in Los Angeles, California. I have been homeless, living in my Car for 10 years. I had a job paying a little over minimum wage, but I lost it in June, 2017. I am only receiving Snap benefits for food now. If I can get $600, it will put a roof over my head for three months and would give me the time and peace of mind to get a new job. I have a lot of skills, but as a woman, not having a place makes it extremely difficult to prepare for work. The money will be used ONLY to keep a roof over my head. I have verifiable proof of my situation. Please help. My goal is to get my life on track then get Shower Houses built for the many homeless people like me, who are qualified and desire to work for a living. Thank you, and bless you for caring. Happy New Year.

  125. My name is Michael Akins 27 yr old male, Homeless in a small town that has nothing to offer….I try so hard just to survive but It’s hard just to make $$….I live in Troup, Tx and operate my phone on WiFi only….someone please help….I’m afraid I might not live much longer if this keeps happening….please, anyone, help me!! (903)-308-1906

  126. My name is candice remmy. I am homess with two very small children i have a job, but it doesnt pay much and i have very little hours. If there is any one out there that can help provide any resources i would be very greatfull. Every income based apartment has two or more years waiting list. I have tried everything and cant get anywhere.

  127. Hello, my name is CeCe. I found this website among searching for places that will help the homeless. I’ve been chronically homeless ever since I turned 18. To make a long story short I’ve been on and off the streets because of one reason only, child support. I don’t get it, I pay it. I’m not from the state of Texas but in my original home state my children were taken away from me at the age of 25. I came from a generation of poor people and the father of my children did not. The court system awarded him custody. I didn’t let that get me down. Instead I use my GED and I got whatever jobs that I could. Unfortunately they were low paying jobs. In 2005 I decided to go back to school, I knew that was my only chance to earn enough income to get my kids back. The same year they terminated my rights to earn enough income to get my kids back the same year they terminated my rights but before they did, I put my intelligence to the test and attended a trade school. Because of child support payments my checks were always garnished, my state income taxes was always seized. The state declared I owed back pay of almost 30 grand on top of regular payments! I attended 5 months of an 8 month course in health care, (my favorite field of trade)only to have to quit after 5 months because I didn’t have a steady place to live. I stayed with whatever family I could at the time. Unfortunately once they moved away from the school I attended, I was unable to ride my bike back & forth to continue to attend school. It was too far, another city. I was too afraid to be on the streets and continue school. I even shared this information with my school and unfortunately they were unable to help. They said my options were to continue and the pay the extra money to cover what financial aid didn’t which was $60 a month or quit.
    I quit. I was heartbroken but I vowed to go back to school one day. I even tried to pay off the loan that was in default. Yet again making little to almost no money because of Child Support, not that I didn’t mind paying, I even went to court to get a reduction and was denied, I just couldn’t do it. in order to survive homelessness after my family turned their back on me and that same year I got my rights terminated after dropping out of school, I was homeless again. My only way to survive was to stay with a kind stranger or really men who found females down on their luck and use them for sex. And here I am today I was 30 in 2005 & now I’m 43 in 2018. I have found a school that gives grants to finish the trade that I love. I’m staying with a verbally and emotionally abusive alcoholic. I walk on eggshells just too keep the peace and not be on the street. The school starts this summer I know this person won’t allow me to do anything p positive, they’ll just sabotage it. They’ve already sabotage the job I had. I just want a stable place to live. Whether it be a shelter, where do I get the money to pay for my own place for at least a year, I just want a place to accomplish my goalperiod since being homeless my new ambition is to finish school and then give back into the homeless Community some kind of way. I even see myself starting an organization of my own to actively fill in the cracks that most organizations don’t when it comes to the homeless homeless. Because as a female who’s not a veteran, whose children are grown, who doesn’t have a substance abuse problem, and not pregnant, is very hard to find shelters to place me so they can get funding because of my circumstance circumstance. I’m simply an individual who is ready to start My Life Anew if I have a stable place to do it in. I will never give up, even though I’m with this person and they’re very controlling when they’re not around I look for jobs. I fill out applications, I do whatever I can to get out of the situation I haven’t found a place yet. If there’s anybody who reads this and can help, trust me I not only want to get on my feet I want to give back. Thank you for reading

  128. Just found your website and was thinking about a way to help homeless people maybe pull resources together to help one another. I’m currently struggling myself, living in a hotel. I live in Warren, MI

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  130. Hello I like to start off by saying i am a 19year old mother of a 1year old me and my husband are homeless we lost our car to harvey we have been staying with his mother but it’s a lot of people in one very small house and we had to leave so now we stay under bridges or at parks plz help us anything could help thank you so much and have a blessed day

  131. Hello, my name is kristeena gleason and I am a 29 year old who was recently abandoned by my husband of 10 years with 5 beautiful children. Unfortinatley , we were physically and mentally abused by my husband for many years. When my husband left he left us with no financial support and no shelter. For the past year my 5 children have been living separate from me with my grandmother in a one bedroom retirement home. as I have become homeless. Being there was no room. I decided to keep them there while I traveled from friend to friend and house to house in search of trying to find a affordable home for my children and I . today we still have no success with finding a home . I have applied to several state low income housing and due to the age of my children they will not allow them to share rooms. Being said that makes us only qualify for a 4 bedroom . 4 bedrooms have been on a 4 year waiting list . so I didn’t give up I applied for vouchers through the housing authority, Alleghany links, urban league, and multiple other organisations including local churches pleading for more guidance or help with financial and searching for a home. I needed to find a stable place as the weather broke cold and to have a place were I could see my children more and also shelter for myself to take care of my hiegien and work. In October I moved in with an ex boyfriend as a emergency decision for shelter and to still keep contact daily with my children as he lives close to my grandmothers 1 bedroom resident home. He always sufferd from mental health and on and off substance abuse so I didn’t feel that my children should be in that environment . unfortunately once again I am in a abusive relationship with no desire or means to leave due to no shelter and not wanting to separate far from my children.I came across your site with the faith that I can finally find success with help or just a listening ear. My children and I have been through so much in the past year but have gone through it all with smiles until now. Recently , my grandmothers retirement home has found out that my 5 children have been staying there and she has been asked to leave within notice due to breaking lease and resident policies. We HAVE NO RESORCES OF SHELTER and now may soon all become homeless. I can’t help but feel pain as now I have put my 79 year old grandmother in a situation to become homeless and also put a responsibility on her with caring for children again at her age. We receive a great amount of help from the salvation army of Carnegie pa with food,and clothing but they also have had no success either with helping us find a home . If there is anyway or guidance you could give us we would be more than appreciative as all we want is to be back together again under one roof and now with bringing the love of grandma with us. If there is no helping hand the best would be a prayer. Thank you for your time and appreciate any help giving.
    Love the gleason family/ grandma

  132. Hello my name is Susan gibbs I live in Kentucky. I was in a car wreck I have two small children. Drunk driver hit me and messed up my back and I had a really good job for over 4 years. I am about to loss my home and all of my belongings. Because I am unable to work. It’s hard to take care of everything with out the income I once had. I have applied for disability haven’t heard back yet. From them. I go to court on Monday about my houseing. I really don’t know what to do I have no family. Other then my two girls. I am completely stressed and worried. Funny how one actions can completely alter someone’s life. I hope u all would be able to point me in the right direction to see what I can do. Thanks

  133. Hello my name is James Mincks i live in BakersfieldCalifornia i am disabled i am on ssi but because of my past mistakes with helping people taking them in letting them shower giving them a spot to sleep I wound up getting evicted losing my home losing everything I finally was able to get into a place it was at 620 Terrace Way I had two dogs I live there for about a year until my neighbor burn down my house and his I have been homeless aside from the eviction I have found a few places that will rent to me but I need help with a deposit if anyone can help I can pay them back so much a month until it’s fully paid back thank you for reading

  134. I am homeless due to Domestic violence two years now. I ran with my young daughter,10, and can not find housing. I work and she gets SS survivors from her Father that passed away

  135. When we were homeless as a family in 2015 we purchased a mobile home to ensure we’d never again become homeless again. Little did we know that the Mobile Home Park Owner had a right to refuse last mobile home payment, evict us from HIS PARK, retain our mobile home, ( we’d paid $5,500.00 towards the $6,000.00 trailer already..) simply dispose of our personal possessions still within the mobile home, & resell it!
    I wrote to The Attorney General of Washington State, he responded advising me to obtain legal advice, I’m having trouble doing that.
    I also alerted The Environmental Health Specialist of Clallam County where we live, the day the Clallam County Sheriff was at our mobile home August 11th, 2017, the Environmental Specialist spoke to me on the phone as I had contacted her because my mobile home didn’t possess necessary piping & we’d realized we had been living in our fecal waste for more than a year, plus the park was rodent infested. She proceeded to inform me there wasn’t much she could do in regards to my being evicted BUT she was getting off the phone with me & immediately informing Mr. Tucker to bring my mobile home up to code IMMEDIATELY! As well as address the infestation as it was a health concern for all residents.
    This does little for us right now.
    We’re back to residing in a motel!
    It’s expensive, sometimes we have to leave,sleep in our suv, & return to motel when we can afford it.
    We’ve been attempting to find a home, but there’s a housing shortage where we live.
    We’d welcome ANY advice, referal to legal representation, we’ve had a hard time finding anyone to assist us in filing suit against the mobile home park owner….
    They want outrageous fees & retainers we just don’t have. Northwest Justice doesn’t assist in filing a lawsuit..please
    I can’t live like this forever!
    I’m permanently physically disabled and struggle constantly with manic depression, anxiety, chronic pain & mobility issues.
    My number at the hotel is:
    (360)457-9201 Rm# 211
    God Bless you for listening. We THOUGHT we solved our homelessness, but because the mobile park owner refused to acknowledge, address, repair or correct issues, he instead decided to bully us & evict us reselling our home faulty plumbing, rodent infestation & all!!
    Please, help us!!
    I don’t know where to go, what to do.
    I have 3 kids 2 are with me right now.
    Thank you & God bless you all!!

  136. My family and I were traveling to California for a funeral and we were on our way back home from to Georgia and we had stopped here in San Antonio and stayed at a hotel and our vehicle was stolen overnight and we have been stranded here since then it’s me and my husband and my three children we have no money no food and we’re just trying to get back home or at a motel in our time is up today and we need help my oldest son is disabled I have a 3 year old and A6 year old we need to get back home if anybody could possibly help us my phone number is 559-306-9760 thank you

  137. Hi my name is kailyn good I’m 24 and I have 4 litte ones we been homeless for a while now at a shelter and have to be out by the end of the month I’m trying everything I can Do for my kids but it’s hard with no job or transportation sometimes Iwant to give up but I look at them and I just can’t I came this far to turn back now if anybody can help please
    harrisonburg va

    1. I hope you got help with your situation.the Lord will find a way. Please keep those babies safe dont let the system get them.

  138. My name is Arthur Howard I am a 44 year old disabled black man recently out of a 17 year relationship. I am on dialysis and about to be homeless in 3days I am on SSDI, need to find a room or a small apartment until I can find something more perminant can pay some rent. Please help 661-609-4752 in palmdale ca can do light work still in exchange for any help thank you very much.

  139. Greetings:
    My name is Don and I’m 58 years old. I’ve had a life of hardship that is almost unbelievable. In fact, I tell my life story to colleges and universities in a very successful crime and substance abuse program called REACT America. Now I’m at a point where I need help… I was a machinist for 3 years and I recently lost my job for medical reasons that prevented me from working for nearly a month. I’m 2 months behind on rent and I’ll be homeless within a week if I don’t get help. I have a lot to offer as far as my skill-set including 2 years in law. I desperately need a place to go if anyone can help. My fiance lives with me. She is a massage therapist currently out of work.

  140. I am a 34 year old single mom of two with one due in june. I am currently homeless w my dog and had to send my two other children to family. I am desperately seeking help and guidance, I’m ready to give up please help.

  141. My name is Tanya, I am 58 years old and I am basically homeless in Auburn, WA. I lost my job in Arkansas in October of 2017. My son asked me to come to WA to live with him and his family. His girlfriend does not want me in the house so most of the time I have nowhere to sleep. I am a diabetic with high blood pressure and I am not eating as I should. I hardly ever sleep and my body is in constant pain. I don’t know what to do and I don’t want to die in the streets. I am depressed. I am hungry. I am scared. And I need help. I don’t have any money at this time. If I could find a stable place to lay my head I could maybe get a part time job so I could pay low income rent. I need help. I don’t know anyone in WA and I am without the means to get out of my situation.

  142. Hi I am Angela, I am writing this GoFundMe for my sister friend Marlene V George, She lives in Silver Spring MD, a single mom of four. She was laid off from a company,that she was employed with for 20+ years. She lost their home they lived in for 6 years, it was her primary residence. She and the children had to give up the family pets.
    They have no where else to go but to be come homeless.
    I would like to raise the money for them so they would be able to find a home for her and the children. Her and the children has been through a lot and she has tried to keep a stable life for them over the years. She feels she have lost that special bond parents have with their children because she had to constently, keep a roof over their heads. It hasn’t been easy but she never gave up. She paid $20, 000.00 down on a home and the person stole the money and disappered. Now because of her being laid off their home was sold. In trying to obtain gainful employment the social security administration somehow messed up her information causing her to become unemployable. She is still fighting this issue. Marlene have worked hard to get this house but unfortunately, she lost the battle. Before, losing her job she would pay her mortgage twice a month before the mortgage was due.
    She would be very appreciate of the help. I am willing to help anyone I can so please keep her in mind all the time, if someone else goes through this same problem. She is a proud mother and person she would never asked for help but she has no one to turn to solve this problem. I would like to help her buy a home free and clear with no bank or mortgage company. I’ll appreciate any assistance or amount for her. Thanking you in advance for any help you would be able to help her with.
    Please help.
    Thank you

  143. Hi everyone my name is Marlene George my family and I lives in Silver Spring Maryland. I don’t usually ask for help or anything from friends or family. I know some of the people who call themselves my friends would criticize me for doing this but I always believe when you need help you ask. So for those please keep you opinions to yourselves, if you don’t want to donate it’s understandable but don’t judge if you don’t know the story. This is the most recent photo of my family together. The kids are a little older now. I am a single mother with no support. I purchased a home in 2012 paid my mortgage on time. Wells Fargo Bank took over my mortgage from my original company Monarch Mortgage, I then got laid off from a job I held for 20+ years, I still managed to pay my mortgage on time with the money I saved and what I received from the company in 2014. At that time I did not find work so I reached out to Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, for help what a mistake. I was recommended to do a forbearance for 11 months by an employee know as Marcus Anderson. I was told that after the forbearance the balance of $18+ from the 11 months would be add to the back of my mortgage this was not the case. I followed everything they told me to do but I was bullied into foreclosure. I filed for a bankruptcy in order to stop the foreclosure and to have my mortgage modified. I have never felt so deceived by a company in my life. I lost $9,000.00 trying to fight Wells Fargo Home Mortgage to have them tell the truth. When you’re not rich no one listens. During the bankruptcy the auction was not stopped so my home was sold to an investor Alex Fox Home Group LLC. He was told that this was a wrongful sale but yet he continued to file in court rather than ceasing the sale. All this information could be accessed and researched but there is so much greed in our world today. I have wrote to every government agency for help but I did not get the assistance I need. I have all my documents to show that this bank lied and cheated me out of my home. Wells Fargo Bank was sued so many times but yet they continue to steal from innocent homeowners. I can go on but my story is too long. If you research Wells Fargo bank it will tell how they been deceiving their customers. Now I would like to raise the mortgage $280,000.00 to purchase my home back from Mr. Alex Fox. We are already evicted and homeless. I know not everyone will be able to donate, prayers would hrlp also. We were evicted from our home on January 23, 2018. We are now living in a hotel. Please help us raise enough money to get a house. And we need legal help to sue Wells Fargo bank. I feel like giving up but that is not an option.
    Any and all help would be appreciated.
    Thank you

  144. My name is Franky, I’m currently homeless, my wife is currently in a sober living home but is about to be discharged and complete the program. We have a 8 year old boy and my wife is 4 months pregnant. I work in construction and have transportation. However, we just can’t seem to get a home of our own. I’m on parole, and should be discharged by September. I’m trying to hold it together. And not get caught up in the negative. However, seeing my wife pregnant and my 8 year old son, really Tare’s me apart cause I’m trying but seem to get no where. I feel like a piece of crap that can’t takes if out of this situation. I’m trying man !!! And I’m getting desperate.. we just need a brake, a miracle, something. .

  145. Hello my name is Jessica. I have a 2 year old daughter and we are currently homeless . We are located in casa grande az . there isn’t much help in this small town . I have contacted Both agencies that help with homeless single parents and both told me I have to be put on the waiting list. Me and my daughter currently don’t have anywhere to go! We have been homeless going on 3 weeks now living in and out of hotel rooms. And if I don’t have enough money for another day we sleep in my car. I have just recently landed a job getting paid $7/hr And I only work 15hrs a week. So I don’t make enough to qualify for an apartment. As much as times are hard for me right now I just want to give up! You know being a single parent with no support and can’t even find a place to live just makes me feel so worthless. I’m in deep depression and I don’t know what to do anymore . If anyone has information that can help me please email me . Because I don’t want to give up on my daughter 😭

  146. Re: Symphony -Contact The Salvation Army in Western US [#4329]
    Raymond Jimenez
    to me
    4 hours agoDetails
    Hello Katrina,
    Thank you for your email and sorry it comes during this difficult time. Here are two family services that we recommend following up directly to confirm if assistance is available.
    The Stillman Sawyer Family Service Center
    820 Lomita Blvd, Harbor City, CA 90710
    (310) 835-1986
    Beacon Light Mission
    525 Broad Avenue, Wilmington, CA 90744
    (310) 830-7063
    Let me know if you have any questions.
    God bless,
    Raymond Jimenez
    Direct Marketing Director
    The Salvation Army Southern California Division
    180 E. Ocean Blvd., Ste. 500, Long Beach, CA 90802
    o: 562.264.3688 f: 562.264.3788
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    6 minutes agoDetails
    Hi my name is Katrina mangaser I was recently evicted with my kids because of the apt falling aprt from owner not fixing it. I’m currently living in my car and homeless I have 3 kids 14 11 9 good kids and having trouble finding a place it’s been hard and cold.i was reading your information and was wondering if you can help me with a room for a couple of days to shower and my kids can rest or if there is any where you can send me I can afford about 700-800 a month …please I also am going threw harbor interfaith but they have left me on the streets too. I’m afraid to lose my kids or something to happen to us .please respond if u get this . Thanks

  147. HI I’ve been homeless in farmville, VA for over a month now it’s tough but not many people willing to help and they have no homeless shelters in town. I have no job and no transportation so if anyone could help I’d greatly appreciate it, I don’t know where else to turn I have no friends or family to turn to I’m a loner.

  148. Hi my name is Jamie I’m currently homeless with two young babies( boys) I’m really scared cause we have been homeless for months now living in my car I lost my house was sec 8 for 15 years cause I missed two appointments as I was ill and in the hospital (have documents to prove that as well)by the time I was gonna go thru Bay Area legal it had already been 90days and they told me after 90 days they couldn’t help me it’s so unfair please please help me I don’t want to lose my babies due to me being ill this has ruined my life I’m a single mom I no god loves us but I feel myself breaking apart day by day

  149. Hi, I am looking for a little help to push me on my feet. I am currently pregnant and homeless. I have a little help from family but whatever I get from them I had to beg for. I just want find a place to call home. House or apartment i just want to live a healthy pregnancy so I can have a healthy baby. Some day I’m lucky to get one meal. I’m just too under weight and I know it’s not healthy. I’m also in the verge of losing my service dog. The person holding her longer wants her there and she’s like a daughter too me and she all i have. I just some help with rent and deposit until I can pay myself. I know place that’ll help with bills but you’d have to already have a home. If you can help or know of any sources please let me know. (513)780-9086

  150. I am a single grandma 52 livin in Northglenn Colo I hav a job n a car n need to find a cheap place rent is too high here n cops r harassing me please help

  151. Oh my goodness! an incredible article dude. Thanks Nevertheless I’m experiencing problem with ur rss . Don’t know why Unable to subscribe to it. Is there anyone getting similar rss downside? Anybody who knows kindly respond. Thnkx

  152. I am currently homeless and disabled, with no aid coming from anywhere. I am on a 4 year waitlist for disability and housing, and have no one to turn to. I was abused by my ex, who gave me brain damage, and suffer from PTSD, aphasia, seizures, fibromyalgia, extensive neuropathy, major depression, and agoraphobia. I need somewhere I can live in Orange County, CA, but am unable to find work that I can perform when bedridden or unable to speak. I don’t know what to do anymore, and I don’t think I can go on. Every moment homeless is pure agony physically, and eats away a little more of what’s left of me. I feel like soon, there won’t be anything left.
    Please save me. No one else cares. I don’t know what to do, or why God has seen fit to offer nothing but torments all my life.

  153. I went from fiance to caregiver in 2007 when my fiance suffered a spinal cord injury. Then my health started to decline in 2014 when I almost died from a ruptured bowel. Since then I’ve also become unable to work, suffering from Parkinson’s, CRPS, Sjogren’s, Lupus, and more. Now we are facing homelessness in September unless we can find a miracle!

  154. Being homeless truly makes you appreciate so so much! It has taught me humility the most… It has shown me the streets do not discriminate.. The people walking the streets do.
    It’s funny to me when a Mercedes Benz pulls up to me and my baby and asks us if we are tenants here In the business complex and if we do not love NOW she/he will call the police! Mind you… we drive a 2013 Toyota Camry and it’s a pretty nice car, we do not neglect our appearances and we do not leave our trash around! They can tell we are living in our car by the inside of our car… unfortunately it has become our “home” and it’s hard not to have my baby’s clothes drying on the seats or mine and my bf”s clothes in the front due to the trunk being way too full! It seems as though when these people see me and my baby in the backseat watching cartoons waiting for my bf to get off for lunch it bothers the hell out of them… why? It’s as though as long as they don’t see the homeless children and homeless people that look normal it’s not a problem in their community! BUT IT IS! It’s a problem in every single community In San Diego and surrounding cities! We are in Oceanside ca. And we have been living in our car going on 3 months. We do not qualify for foodstamps or any kind of cash aid, therefore we do not qualify for hotel vouchers if we don’t get assistance from the county! The welfare dept says my bf makes too much $$ but about 40% of his check goes to taxes and his 1st born daughter. So gross does not equal to what he brings home. It’s ridiculous! So all these guys come in and out of the welfare office with their ebt cards that are more than capable to work and feed themselves yet we are sent away with No help at all! We recently about a month ago recieved a program called Rapid Rehousing, WOW! We did not have a housing navigator like we were supposed to, we were hardly ever able to get in touch with the woman who was our case manager. She was on the way out the door for maternity leave so she was of no help! I left 11 messages over a 2 week period to get a hold of someone at the Community resource center because I did not know if i was supposed to see someone there every so often or what? Next thing I know is that we were dropped from the rapid rehousing program without any warning or phone call! The way we found out was because one of the counselors seen us asleep in our car and made some phone calls to CRC and she was notified we were off the program for non communication…. WOW! I was absolutely floored! After all the money we spent on applications for apartments for 2 adults $40 each and we get dropped… What do we do now? I start work on Monday a night job so my bf can be with our son at night and I’m with him in the day while he is at work. We are far from lazy peoole! We work… we just made the mistake of not saving money when we were living with his mother and one day to the next we had to leave the house! Childcare is way to expensive and we did not get any subsidized childcare. It’s been so hard! What do we Do? If we were on welfare we would get so many services! It’s like we are being punished for working! If anyone has any suggestions on any programs out there in the San Diego county area that can help with first months rent and deposit please let me know!!
    Thank you,

  155. i am 31 years old and have recently become homeless. I was living with a boyfriend of 2 years and have just started my first year of college at aiu, but i found out that my boyfriend was cheating on me and i had to leave. when i went to leave however we got into a huge fight because he was mad i found out , and he wouldnt let me have any of my things. the only thing i made it out with was my purse because he slung it all over the drive way and the clothes on my back. I have sense then got 3 more shirts, 2 pair of jeans, the pair of shorts i was wearing when i left and 2 more pair, along with the sandals i was wearing. I had to leave walking because we shared a car and he took it because it is in both our names, i have been staying in a very condemned camper, that the roof leaks in the kitchen area, the bathroom area and onto the bed,so i sleep on the couch, but its not much. the windows are half busted out there is no water or electric, but the creek is close by to use for water some. i have to walk nearly three miles a day one way to mc donalds to use wifi to do my schooling, and then three miles back. I have been lucky enough to get food at a couple donation places and the save a lot and a dollar stores is where i dumpster dive and things they just threw out some days. I didnt have any money left over from college to use to get on my feet with because i had a grant and my credit wasnt good enough to take out a student loan by myself and my boyfriend was suppose to be my co signer, so now i cant get a loan. I dont work right now due to school and my boyfriend was working so i didnt need to and all of this only happened a week and a half ago . I have found a small efficiency apartment i can rent with utilities included but i cant afford it, not even close. I hate to ask people i dont even know for help but i just dont have anyone else because i dont have family financially stable enough to help me or anyone else and i just dont know what to do. I really feel like giving up, but i figure that i could at least give this a shot when i found it while searching for a job online. I am from Olive Hill Kentucky and my name is Athena Owens, if there is any way someone reads this and can help me, i sure would appreciate it and be truly forever grateful. thank you

  156. Hi my name is Marissa. I am currently homeless. I have 2 kids 2 and 10. I am really staring to lose hope. I have been clean for a little over 2 years and feel as if things were better when i was selling myself getting high. Someone please help us please!

  157. Hello my name is maureen mingo me and my husband and our 19 months live in macin ga we is homeless Ihave breast cancer and my husband have Epilepsy seizures no Shelters would help us or people in a state of macon ga and we in need of help with getting the first month rent and security deposit we get social security disability but the hotel keep our 650 and kick us out for no reason I get treatment for my chemo but it’s hard because nobody can help us to stay in hotel or nothing so please if somebody in macon ga can help us to have a place to stay let us know thank u and God bless

  158. My Family and I 2 adults and 3 kids are currently homeless we have been sleeping in our car. We are in Windsor Ca Sonoma County since the fires rent has sky rocket to where we could no longer stay where we lived at which was my grandmother’s trailer she became greedy and wanted the money so she kicked us out for not having rent on time and not the full amount. My kids don’t deserve this they deserve a roof over their heads.

    I am Jessica and my nightmare (aka homelessness) began 3 yrs ago. Kick out of my home and kept away from my children by now the Ex when he went to the courts and proceeded to lie to a judge of San Bernardino County Courts and falsely put a 1 yr restraining order on me and along came a MOVE OUT ORDER too. I have been through hell and back maybe about 20x’s on the streets of Victorville, Ca. Things that money could never replace & things money could replace have been stolen from me. I’ve been picked on. I’ve been beat up for no reason. Ignored when asked for help. Lied about. Set up by people. But I have to say the worst is one not being able to sleep at night because I don’t feel safe, because I don’t feel comfortable, because it too cold, because I can’t, won’t, & don’t trust anyone around me anymore. I won’t go to sleep with people around me. And though I have slept outside unwillingly before I wont go to sleep outside anymore. Ill find a way to get a room for me to go to sleep. I had to sleep in the streets with no protection, no warmth, and at times no shoes. I’ve slept on church steps, in bushes, in a graveyard, the desert, abandond houses and apartments, half way burnt down buildings, in bathrooms at fast food places(even if it was like 10 mins its better than 0 mins), in side of fast food places, in laundry rooms, broken down cars, on the city bus, local parks.
    Another thing that completely is so hard is being sick and being homeless. It makes me hate the world even more. Because I don’t have a bed that I could just go lay down in and rest. I don’t have a warm home to go to and not have to worry about cold.
    And yes there has been a couple times I have been offered a place to stay….and it never seems to work out. Because usually in my cases it is males offering the room but they always have a hidden agenda. And once I don’t live up to their day dream fantasy is usually when I get the boot to the ass and as quick as I came in….is as quick they kick me back onto the streets.
    My metal state is at all there like it used to be. Not no more.
    I cry and wish and pray everyday for a place of my own, for my stability, for my children. It would help me to be able to begin piecing myself back together to become whole again.
    (i don’t know if anyone will take anytime to read what i wrote and posted on here. i honestly just want to be the real me again. and its not like i haven’t tried to do any of this on my own because i’ve tried. but something weird happens every time i meantion the situation of homelessness all of a sudden i get treated completely different and the whole mood of which ever place i’m at changes. and i get looked down on like i’m disgusting. its not right. i’ve tried and tried but i’m tired.) I NEED HELP. I NEED HELP. I NEED HELP. I NEED HELP. I NEED HELP. I NEED HELP. I NEED HELP. I NEED HELP. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  160. I’m 49 and homeless living in NY I tried the single women shelter my first week there I was robbed and jump I’m tired of being in the streets is there anyway you can assist me it would greatly be appreciated.

  161. Hello my name is Sherrie Johnson and I am disabled with a lot of medical issues I am unable to walk I have osteoarthritis in my left hip I have a degenerative disc in my lower back I have a service dog I have a scooter that I can barely get on and off my landlord just told me that his house might be going into foreclosure and that I might be homeless where am I going to go I can’t even hardly move where am I what’s going to happen to me I am very scared I can’t live on the street I won’t make it I’m too disabled please can someone help me.

  162. My name is Veronica Reyes my boyfriend and I and my dog have been homeless for 6 months out here in the city of Moreno Valley Ca. I am disabled, pregnant and with my boyfriend’s help of being together 14 yrs. Is my caretaker and provider who is working with IHSS which they have been giving us the run around and making it hard for us cause he’s been taking care of me and he did everything he was asked to do and he hasn’t gotten paid for any amount of time. No timesheets nothing I’m waiting for my SSI hearing but don’t know how long that’s going to be or how much longer I’m going to have to wait and every spot we’ve been at we have been kicked out by the police, the place we are at now the city workers came and brought a whole bunch of boxes filled with bee’s and I’m allergic to bee’s I got stung 2 times so far luckily I have my epi pens and since they have brought the bee’s where we are at I’ve been stuck inside the tent with my dog all day everyday cause I’m afraid if I go out I’ll be stung and I’m running out of epi pens I have been to Welfare to receive benefits which I receive CalFresh benefits and was receiving Calworks cause I’m pregnant and homeless we were also receiving homeless assistance and stayed in a motel but are still homeless on the streets they discontinued my Calworks benefits cause they said I failed to comply with the work to work program but I have given them proof from my Doctor and Case Worker for In Home Supportive Services stating that I’d be exempt from the following programs and my boyfriend to be exempt also cause he’s my provider so now I’m without money cause they stopped my Calworks and I’m not sure if I can receive general relief or general assistance cause I believe I received one of those out in Bakersfield Ca. I have no funds other than Receiving my CalFresh benefits no family or friends that can help us I don’t know what to do anymore I’m stuck inside the tent with my dog all day everyday and the only time I can come out of the tent is late at night so my boyfriend can bathe me or when I have a doctor’s appointment those are the only times I can do anything and not be stuck inside the tent I feel bad for my dog as well cause the bee’s tried attacking him so he’s in the tent all day everyday to goes outside to go potty and then right back inside the tent with me. We ran out of ideas on what to do to get help with our situation I’m tired and exhausted from the stress of being homeless and on the streets I don’t know what to do anymore and then I came across you guys to see if there is anything you can do to please help us get off the streets and being told to leave by the police from every spot we’ve been staying at everyday I pray that my SSI hearing will be real soon and we can get a place so we are not homeless anymore
    If there’s anything you can do to please help us get off the streets our number is
    (951)-478-4613 thank you for taking the time to read and listen to what I had to say always Veronica

  163. My name is Christa I’m a 47 year old female homeless was in prison when I got out I had family that was gonna help and when I was no longer a asset to what they needed the threw me out and threw all my belongings away and put me on trespass for no reason other than for me not to be their … So I been staying here and their anywhere I can lay my head now I’m out of options and don’t know what to do I’m fighting suicide daily and feel I’m at the end of my rope don’t no what else to do the depression is to much to handle anymore I need help…

  164. Hi my name is Thor Finnegan when I was born my mother was really bad on drugs and was in a terrible mental state I am from northern Kentucky the last time I saw my mother I was 10 years old and she lived in downtown Cincinnati Ohio I have searched since I was 16 years old to try to find her I am 22 years old now I have cold homeless shelters all over Ohio but nobody is allowed to release any information pertaining to if she might be there I have tried everything I can think of to get authorization start trying to find out where she is if anybody has any ideas please let me know

  165. I’m homeless in Jacksonville, NC with my one year old son. I’ve reached out to everywhere I could think of, Salvation Army, 211, churches. and there doesn’t seem to be any help available. I have an interview tomorrow for McDonalds but it’s not going to be enough to fix our situation. Can anybody help us? I don’t want my baby on the street on Christmas. My number is 910-330-3445 and my email is

  166. Hi my name is Krystal about a year ago I got married and shrotly after I lost my job and my apartment And since then things have went down hill it seems like I can’t get nowhere I’m struggling to get a job so that I can find a place to live and now I’m left to sleep in my car I try and get room when ever I can to take shower but that’s getting me nowhere because as much as I spend I only wish I could be saving the money for a place to stay the of life of someone in need of a job and a place to call home… PS I know I’m not alone and if anyone may have some resources that may help me in my situation feel free to share if possible….

  167. After being abducted, where I was handcuffed, beaten, rapped, tortured and forcibly drugged for 3 weeks straight, my former life was completely destroyed. After escaping from the human trafficking ring, I was left homeless and unemployed in addition to now suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I am still recovering but still remain homeless. I am working online as a transcriptionist but lack the upfront deposit and first months rent to get a apartment. I Dont want a ”Hand-out” just a ”Hand-up”! I’m here in Phoenix, AZ.

  168. Hi my name is nicole Kyle and I guess my girls and I are currently homeless due to unable to pay my water bill I’m a single mom of Three girls unemployed and actively looking I’m so depressed I voulnteered at a store call angel view for a while but I felt be littled and underappreciated my girls and I cant go back home untill our water is back on but rent is due soon and we have been staying in a hotel so what little income I have is gone to motel can u help us ? I tried a fund me account but seems like nobody cares

  169. Hello my name is Mary I have 2 beautiful children ages 12 and 7 who currently reside wit my sister because I didn’t want them living like this!! These last couple of years have changed my life dramatically. I am 44 yrs old and I am suffering from stress, anxiety, and PTSD. I was in a domestic violence relationship for 2 1/2 yrs, he has beat me black and blue, choked me until I’ve passed out, threatened to kill me but I finally got the courage to leave. I am struggling everyday because me leaving him has cost me a lot. He took everything I owned and told me he was going to sell it so I am left wit only the clothes I am wearing. I got a new phone and I have no idea how he got my number but he did…….now he was calling telling me he’s sorry and how much he loves and misses me. It’s what he does all the time but this time I didn’t fall for it. I am terrified of this man I find myself always looking over my shoulder and no one deserves to live that way. I have blocked him on all the apps he can try to contact me on and I’m in the process of getting a protection order done. I currently am also homeless I’ve been sleeping here and there, in cars I guess any place I have to. I have been trying to find resources to help me get through all this, but everywhere I call tells me nothing available or try this agency and it’s pretty frustrating!! I’m from this little town that does not have much but I’m still trying I’m not going to give up that easy! I am doing this because also along the way my car broke down. So yes I’ve contacted churches along with other agencies but nothing…… yes I’m a victim of domestic violence, homeless,unemployed and wit no car. The struggle is real and very scary I just want one good thing to help me then I know I will make it. What I am needing is housing for me and my children so we can be a family again, a good job, and help fixing my car. Thanks to everyone who reads this And helps

  170. I recently lost my job and had an accident due to a heart condition on the way home. I
    lost my vehicle my job and had a quadrupedal heart bypass surgery. I haven’t been able to give my sister my half on rent and living expenses. She has asked me to get out. I applied for Disability & SSI assistance three months ago but it takes so long to get an answer or help. where should I turn from here is the question. I’m stressed and scared! Can I squat or be made to be evicted?

  171. My name is sharlene parker im now living in path homeless shelter im disabled unable to work waiting on disability and ssi looking to get a housing voucher is there anyway i can get help from any resources im stuck without any leads keep being told im not eligible for this program or that program but im homeless and disabled what can i do can you help me find sone kind of way to get a voucher for housing

  172. I hope you got help with your situation.the Lord will find a way. Please keep those babies safe dont let the system get them.

  173. hello my name is terry thompson ad me and my son and daughter are currently homeless in anniston alabama with my sons emotional support dog we have been homeless for awhile we need to get off the streets we have tried everything but where we are at there are not enough places that help people here where only helps who they want to help im 60 years old my son and daughter are grown there are are no jobs here either for me nor my children i saw your add on the internet i trulymwoud love to have a house of our own in sandiego california we need to have a fresh start somewhere else my family put us out on the streets we have had nothing but downfall we lost our pet and loving emotional support dog we had for 5 years on janurary19 2029 here in anniston alabama he was murdered we all took this very hard. we have been staying in a old parking deck that one belonged to the department of human resources it leaks when it rains but we manage to find a dry spot we have no blankets no sleeping bags the person that took our dogs stole our sleeping bags this agency issued out to us and we cant get anymore they only issue them out once the bad thing about is he took them from this other place that will let u put ur things inside while u take care of business he came in and took them out of the lockers u could put ur things in. the weather has been up and down here we have had to deal with all these people and the agencies are no help the house is out of our price range for rent or sale we are on a fixed income we really need a house of our own and fresh new start i picked sandiego california for a fresh start cause it is away away from here and all the headaches i have to deal with any help u can give would be appreciated on a house in sandiego california we really need to be offf the streets and into our own home to start a new life a new begginning and leave all this behind us. my daughter is having trouble with old men following her around and trying to go out with her and she says no but they dont seem to know or understand that no means no we have to et away from here we just cannot do this anymore. however long it takes. u can reach me at this is my daughters email account she allows me to use it. there is nothing like having ur own home and knowing tthat u will never ever get kicked out or ran out of ur home if u own it. i long for this so much waiting to hear from u soon . my son has health problems as well as my daughter we need our own home as soon as possible. again waiting to hear from u soon.

  174. yes my name is crystal jerger of Cleveland tn. I’m now homeless we me and my soon to be one day husband was staying with my dad who is in a wheel chair and very sick we all 3 have been at motel scotty been working when can but its hard to come up with rent deposit when staying at motel we have a van and all but need some one can stay with so can save for few with man in wheel chair or help rent and deposit. plz help us

  175. Hi my names amy,
    Im 19 I live in rock hill South Carolina my family recently kicked me out because misundertanding but they’ve always been kind mean to me so when they asked me to leave I just left. I came back and packed all my things in trash bags and what bags I have. I left it all there I have no car and no where to go I was working on getting my GED but I never have a ride to get there. I would also have a job right now but I don’t even have a ride too work. I’m willing to work more than willing. I believe I could possibly be pregnant and I’ve already went too the doctor but no ride so I didn’t make it. I have to reschedule but I could probably find a ride. I’m staying with my boyfriend we are going too a motel tonight hopefully we can make it out. Please give me some advice or a little help please. – amy.

  176. I hope everyone reading this is safe and having a decent day.

    My family of 7, just ranging in ages from 2 to 13, are currently homeless. We have a plan, but we keep coming up just shy of being able to make it work. We’d like to buy an RV that is ideally a bubble with 4 bunks on one end and a master bed on the other end, 2009 or newer (only because the RV park most likely to take us with do many people requires RVs be 10 years old or less). We have tax return money of about $7k, but my husband’s plant was bought out and closed down so financing isn’t easy to come by with my income. I make about $200 a week.

    So in a perfect world we would be able to buy one outright for $5k to $6k and then use the rest to pay for several months at the RV park upfront. Then my husband, who is currently in college to become a nurse, could work during the summer and we’d put that money to renting the lot for the next year. That means my income could go toward insurance, food, gas, etc.

    I can’t drive for to a seizure disorder, so him working and going to school full time is difficult with the five kids for transportation reasons.

    Our 11yo soon is autistic and our 9 yo daughter had chronic medical conditions requiring weekly visits to different specialists.

    Most of the RVs we can find are between $13k and $16k, thought I’ve seen a couple crop up in the $10k range. We’re always just a little bit shy of being able to make it work.

    I don’t know if anyone out there has a bunkhouse RV that they’d be willing to sell to us or not, even if you’d agree to do payments for a while. We’re lucky in a lot of ways and we have a plan to make or lives better, but it’s going to take probably two-three years and we are just trying to hold on until then.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this.

  177. I am a 60 year old female multiple medical problems I’m currently draw SSI and I am homeless I’ve been sleeping in broken down cars basements condemned buildings the woods I’m sick I just recently got all the hospital with congestive heart failure or had a heart attack and my heart’s in atrial fib on top of iron lung problems I have mental problems also if anyone out there could help please help me thank you very much and God bless

    1. Hi my name is Norma tartar I am 60 years old and homeless I have multiple medical problems with mental health needed to guide me through to get help with housing I live in Clermont County I draw SSI and trying to get a place to live is just impossible on that little amount of money I need help please help me to get in a place I can afford that is safe my last home I was broken too my granddaughter got hurt and it and I got her also I’ve had four surgeries on my right arm and just recently had a heart attack and congestive heart failure and was in the hospital my heart is in page for fib and I have lung problems I need my oxygen I’ve been sleeping in broken down cars empty houses people’s basements the woods please help thank you and God bless

  178. Hi my name is Norma tartar I am 60 years old and homeless I have multiple medical problems with mental health needed to guide me through to get help with housing I live in Clermont County I draw SSI and trying to get a place to live is just impossible on that little amount of money I need help please help me to get in a place I can afford that is safe my last home I was broken too my granddaughter got hurt and it and I got her also I’ve had four surgeries on my right arm and just recently had a heart attack and congestive heart failure and was in the hospital my heart is in page for fib and I have lung problems I need my oxygen I’ve been sleeping in broken down cars empty houses people’s basements the woods please help thank you and God bless

    1. I’m writing a comment on myself. My children and I need help. We live in the Cuba mo area. We was evicted from our home last month because my income taxes are on a 60 day hold. Which got my children and I thrown out on the streets. I was. Ashamed and embarrassed. And my kids were very embarrassed I had just gotten a job and so had my daughter. And now we are thrown out of our house. My landlord had no empathy. I have a 1 year old grandson living with me. I couldn’t believe my taxes were in review! I have been so sad and depressed since all has happened with my taxes and our home my kids and I are scattered. I miss my kids ! I want us to be back under one roof again. Now! Every place I’ve looked at (perfect space somewhat perfect rent) I’ve been shot down. I’m tired of hearing how the other candidate was a better pick. If the irs wasn’t still holding my taxes. I wouldn’t have an eviction on my record now. It has damaged me mentally physically and applying for houses is a waste of time because they are all saying the same thing. Please help us. Help us find a hone 3-4 bedrooms or less bedrooms w a finished basement. I have a set of 17 year old twin boys. A 21 year old daughter. My one year old grandson and myself. We need help not only finding a home in the Cuba area. It can be out of limits. Help us financially get in it. Please! Urgent. Going crazy without my kids ! Donna Thank you. Please I am desperate !!

  179. Hi… My name is Misty, I’m in Tucson, az. Last week I became a first time grandmother. My son and his girlfriend had a beautiful baby boy. They are young and didn’t have a place to stay so of course I told them they could stay with me. I’ve been unemployed for the last 9months and on food stamps barely surviving but couldn’t let them stay on the streets like they have been. I haven’t told them but my rent is due and I spent the last of my savings on the electric bill. I have been applying for jobs, so has my son, but nothing has presented itself to us. I’m praying for a miracle. I looked into my grandson’s eyes this morning and bursted into tears. I used the last $10 I had to get him diapers. She is feeding him but I barely have any food in the house. I will go without, but I can’t let her or my grandson do that. I found a place she can get diapers and she is going to get emergency food stamps today (she is waiting on her ID and birth certificate) which we paid for last week. My son got his food stamps but they already used them up. I’m worried about the rent. I couldn’t sleep at all last night because all I can think about is what’s gonna happen to us… I prayed and prayed and I’m hoping someone can help me. I’m not a senior citizen, don’t qualify for much as my son is over 18, but I’m barely 43. I have called every charity in my area and they all say they are out of funds…. I’m shaking right now writing this. I can go homeless but please, Lord, my grandson needs this. His tiny little body can’t handle the streets, and we don’t want him taken away from us. I just need more time to find a job. If anyone can help me this month, I promise to pay it forward. I paid my neighbors rent for her last year because she couldn’t work due to her having surgery. Now I know how she felt asking me for help… I’m so embarrassed… More scared. I’ve never gotten help for any of my bills, but I need help. I need help… Please…. I’m crying again so I will stop here. Thank you for your time.


  181. I am a single mom of 5 I have been looking for a job for the past five to six months. I was laid off by my job after coming back from maternity leave they told me they already replaced me and they didn’t meet me at the moment so I was unable to pay my car note and my car was repossessed I am only asking for help to have a car again so I can look for work and take care of my children. My children’s father has recently moved away and start communicating with us so I have no help from him. I have become very depressed and overwhelmed not being able to properly care for my children. If there is any way anyone can just help me get a car so I can be mobile to find a job and take proper care of my children I will be so grateful I am willing to pay $100 a month as a car note until I am able to pay off asking price please help me I am so desperate and hope that there is one so out there that would be able to help me. thank you.

  182. My wife and I are trapped in N.E. Georgia. Living in a camper for 5 years ,with a roof leak that is getting worse , on my income only ( Social Security ). She has got mental issues leaving her unable to work, 39 years old . I have old man problems with my health and can not climb stairs , 67 years of age .We have been searching for a house with the rent to own option, but the payments are way there. We also have pets, a senior lab 75 lbs. and a small chewieney 14lbs. Most of the web sites we went too are scams. I would thank some one out there to help us find a affordable house 400 to 500 a month, I don’t expect to get anything free, just help. Thanks for reading this, Jimmy

  183. Homeless in N.E. Georgia just me and my wife with two dogs. We have a camper, so we are doing ok. Looking for a house to rent, but the rent has got so high it’s ,crazy. Not asking for money , just a prayer for us. God Bless Everyone. Jimmy & The Kidd

  184. Hello my name is Dustin and I’m reaching out on behalf of my Beautiful Girlfriend, our 130lb. lap dog and myself. So in June if 2016 we lost our place due to some very unfortunate events. We were living with one of my friends and her 4 kids and I was paying 2/3 of the rent. What I would do is give my friend the cash and she would pay the rent. Or so I thought. Come to find out for a 9 month period she was taking my rent money (and I paid 100% of the electric bill as well) and not paying rent with it. When the eviction court date came about she did not inform me of anything until the sheriff’s came knocking giving us 1 hour to be out. Thank God seeing I was completely unaware of everything the landlord gave me a week to move out. So in june 2016 we left. With such short notice we had no choice but to live in the car. We got a motor home eventually and lived in that until my girlfriend’s sister offered for us to move in with her in July or 2018. We moved in with her and sold the RV. Everything was going great for us, we paid off some debt we had accumulated while living in the RV, I visited the doctor due to some chest pain I had been having now that we could afford it and we were once again paying 2/3 of the rent. Well May 2019 rolls around and my son (our 130 lb. lap dog) got sick. He had a condition where his blood cells were attacking each other. To make it short $3,300 later he is ok. This happened at the same time the owner of the company I had been working for decided to shut things down and move out of state. So we tapped out or savings to save our son (dog) and I was recently un-employed. Well then it all began. First week of June came and my sister in-law was told that the management company she was renting through was not going to renew her lease and it was up the second week of July. Oh I forgot to mention we bought a small car after selling the RV. So with such a short warning and all our money going to vet bills we didn’t have a choice but to live in the car. Well 2 days before move out day the car blew the head gasket. I was able to keep it going for about a month until a few days ago when the motor finally gave up and it got towed to the junk yard. Since then a friend has let us stay with her but we have to leave today. So now here we sit car less and homeless, scared and cold. We need to come up with $300-$400 to get a car but without being able to get anywhere or to make money we are stuck. We just recently started working for a company where we live that people can order food from a list of roughly 100 restaurants and we go pick up there order and deliver it to them. We make decent money doing it and love the interaction with people but without a car we can’t work. Please if anyone knows of any where that can help us get a car let me know. I have found a few decent running cars for $3-$400 that I’m sure we could make work until we can afford something better. I can even pay for a car I just need 2-3 weeks to make the money but I will throw every dollar I make at paying it off. We are desperate at this point and any info will be greatly appreciated. I’m sure there are people out there worse off then us so it is hard for me to ask for help but I don’t know what else to do. Thank you for reading this. God bless. We live in Bellingham, WA and my email is

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